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How To Repair Your Smartphone Cables Cheaply

In the age of "everyone connected", the proliferation in homes of smartphones, tablets and other laptops has resulted in massive use of associated charger cables. And this, not without damage. How to fix it simply? We give you a tip, How To Repair Your Smartphone Cables Cheaply! 

How To Repair Your Smartphone Cables Cheaply

You are certainly familiar with this problem with your computer, phone, or charger cables. These new technologies are now anchored in our daily lives, whether it is to make calls, send text messages, What's app and other emails, or even consult the Internet or social networks.

And if their functionalities are constantly evolving, the autonomy of their battery is often a problematic subject, hence the numerous demands on the charging cables. A little reminder in passing, avoid plugging in your chargers at airports and never use a stranger's charger.

This regular solicitation of our chargers has the effect of a situation that we have all been confronted with at least once: a rubber sheath which is gradually made the trunk to leave only bare wires

Which solution at a lower cost?
To remedy this problem, we suggest you to watch the video at the bottom of the article. Its author has found a solution, and not just any one.

What do you need ? Pliers, a pen ... and your cable. The trick is to use not the pen but the little spring inside. This piece, once wrapped around your cable will be your ally against everyday wear and tear.

How To Repair Your Smartphone Cables Cheaply

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