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6 Topics That You Must Study to Pass Cisco Certbolt 200-301 CCNA Certification Exam

So you've decided to write the Cisco Certbolt 200-301 CCNA exam to boost your IT networking career by earning the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. That's a smart move, but do you know the topics to study for the final test? Of course, generally, your goal is to verify your skills and capabilities concerning the administration and implementation of Cisco networking solutions. But, to excel at this official exam, you need to master definite topics and skills that form the test content, and that's what you'll learn about in this article.

Certbolt CCNA 200-301

The Six Topics Tested in 200-301 Certification Exam

1. Network fundamentals
To be excellent at your job as a network administrator, you need to know network fundamentals as it underlies all IT activities. Without it, you'll make mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Therefore, for this Certbolt CCNA 200-301 exam, a basic understanding of network protocols, standards, and functions is required. Also, you have to learn about TCP/IP and protocols, alongside various hardware available and used in a network. You should also know the characteristics of numerous network topology architectures.

2. Network access
This test part concerns configuration and certbolt verification of interswitch connectivity, Layer 2 discovery protocols, EtherChannel, and VLANs in normal range across multiple switches. This topic also requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of the physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components as well as the WLC and AP management access connections. Lastly, you'll need to know how to configure various components of the wireless LAN access to connect clients.

3. IP connectivity
Under this topic, questions will come from concepts such as the redundancy protocol of the first hop, single area OSPFv2, and IPv6 and IPv4 static routing. Also, the certbolt exam could include questions about how routers make default forwarding decisions. Furthermore, you'll benefit from knowing how to interpret routing table components such as gateway of last resort, metric, administrative distance, next hop, network mask, prefix, and routing protocol code.

4. IP services
Internet Protocol services provide solutions to problems service providers and enterprises face, and they are reliable, scalable, and flexible. Therefore, 200-301 will certbolt test your knowledge of the functions and abilities of TFTP/FTP in networks, using pools and static to verify and configure inside source NAT. Other concepts related to networking you'll encounter are DHCP, DNS, SNMP, syslog features, and forwarding per-hop behavior.

5. Security fundamentals
These questions regarding Cisco ExamSnap 200-301 security will test your ability to differentiate between accounting concepts, authorization, and authentication and describe wireless security protocols, Layer 2 security configuration, as well as site-to-site and remote access VPNs. Additionally, your study plans need to include the concepts like security password policy elements, device access controls, security physical access, and program elements.

6. Automation and programmability
The section will present questions about JSON encoded data interpretation, capabilities of configuration management mechanisms, and features of REST-based APIs. What’s more, you'll also need to distinguish between device management in Cisco DNA Center and campus.

Concluding Words
As a result, the Cisco Certbolt Certified Network Associate certification acquired through passing 200-301 CCNA exam is a step in the right direction for your career. Now that you're aware of the skills and topics verified in the final test, you can decide if you're willing to take up this exam or not. If you're ready, find your study materials, create your study plan and pass your exam with flying colors.

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