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Hosting Cheap Domain Registration in French & Canada

What is a domain name?
The domain name is between www. and extensions, like .fr or .com. All of them are Internet addresses that allow Internet users to find your site on the Internet.

What must be considered when registering a domain?
Internet users who want to buy a domain name or order an internet address have various offers from different providers. Regarding domain names, we call this function Registrar. Spoil the choice is a more appropriate term, especially because the price difference is very good depending on the type of area you want to order. For this reason, we have compiled this simple and clear list.

Find the right domain name
Before you actually buy a domain name, it is best to find the right name for you. Usually this is a short name that can be easily memorized and easy to type without failing on the keyboard. It must be consistent with the project's content and convey its image well. In addition, it may not violate the rights of third parties, contain at least two characters, no spaces (or dashes) and no accents.

Hosting Cheap Domain Registration in French

If you have found the ideal name, check domain availability using our domain. Check available domains. Extensions like .com are often already taken, in which case you have to choose another. This extension can also be useful for identifying a country, such as .uk, even if the company described in the field does not have a headquarters in the UK. The .com extension which is normally used for commercial projects can be used without hesitation in domain names, the same applies to .org. If the domain name is still available, you can immediately register and order it. If you are a French company or even a French private person, or if your site is aimed at the French public, we recommend that you register your domain with .fr.

To register a domain, you must register as a new user and create an account with standard personal data. If the domain name is not free, you must also leave your bank details when registering and buying the domain. The rest will be paid by hosting service providers.

Domain name hosting
Web site prices vary greatly depending on the service offered, we advise you, before buying a domain name, to compare web hosting. Many web hosts offer a free domain name (at least the first year) with a hosting package or buy a domain for you. In addition, you might need special services, such as Drive Cloud to access your domain from your cellphone. It is important that your host has good customer support (best 24/7) if you experience technical or usage issues.

The possibility of creating your own website with free tools and utilizing quality hosting services is an attractive advantage for many users. Some hosts even offer to configure an email address that suits your domain, thanks to a professional email box, we have also posted a tutorial for you: how to create an email address. At you will also find the best web hosting in summary form. If your website is an e-commerce store, you will find under "create sales site" not only the necessary tools but also useful information, for example if you can link your domain name with your electronics store.

Buy cheap domain names in France
.Fr domain name extensions (or .be, .lu, .ch, .gp, etc.) can be purchased on the internet from various providers, the comparison of domain names above shows the current price. The AFNIC website (the French Association for Internet Naming in Cooperation) offers a (very, very long) list of all approved suppliers. Under the domain name check section you can get information about the domain name holder and find out who owns the domain name.

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