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How to Run a Reverse Email Lookup for Free

How many emails do you get in a day? They are a lot, and they all come in for a reason. The problem is that there are emails you would like to verify more in the midst. You may barely know the owner, or they could just be mysterious.

How do you get to know more about an email? Reverse email lookup sites are now available, and they can help you find the unknown. We will look at one of them here as you learn how easy it is to check up on an email.

That suspicious email will not worry you anymore once you know what platforms like CocoFinder can do. 

Reverse Email Lookup for Free

CocoFinder Reverse Email Lookup
Knowing that it’s easy to lookup an email using platforms like CocoFinder can be relieving. Why? Because all you need are an internet connection and a browser that will access the website.

The reverse email lookup tool is one of the features you will find on the site. That means CocoFinder can do more. The emails will help you know who is behind the unknown address and what could be their intention.

There are many use cases applicable to run an email lookup, as we will see. CocoFinder solves them by revealing more details behind the email, and you can use the findings to dig in more. All you need to do is enter the address and let the website do the rest.

It uses a massive database of public records in fifty states in the US. It may, however, not be easy to retrieve the records since some emails are created with anonymous information. If you find that there are limited or no results, then it’s advisable to block the email.

You may get a name and address, for example. You can use that information to find out more about the person on CocoFinder since it has background checks, people search and address lookup features.

What CocoFinder Shows During a Reverse Email Lookup
Your curiosity has led you to let CocoFinder tell you more about the email. The good thing is that you will find more, and the information will help you stay on the safe side. Once you type in the email address, this is what CocoFinder will show you:

  • The full name and aliases
  • The current address and previous ones, if available
  • Any phone numbers attached to the email. It’s possible to get this, too, especially now that we have two-step verification
  • Photos and videos. They could also be from social media accounts
  • All the social platforms attached to the email will also show

Once you get the name or the phone number, you can proceed to look that up to know more about the individual. If you find out he or she is a felon, you will have a reason to ignore, discard and even block the email.

How to Run a Reverse Email Lookup Using CocoFinder
You already have the suspicious email address, right? These are the steps you need to perform a reverse lookup for free:

Step 1: Visit the CocoFinder website and then navigate to the reverse email lookup page. There will be a search bar showing you where to input the email.

Step 2: Input the email and then hit “Enter” or click on the “Start Search” button. Wait for CocoFinder to bring in the results. It’s also possible to download the report.

CocoFinder Reverse Email Lookup Use Cases
An email that just arrived and it’s from an unknown source may mean no harm. You should, however, be wary of clicking anything since you don’t know who owns the email. That is why an email lookup is necessary.

If anything happens to your device or your accounts, you may know where to point fingers if you are prompted to click. The following represents the few instances that will propagate the need for a reverse email lookup:

Reconnecting with the Past
The email could be from someone you knew before, a lost relative, or somebody you haven’t spoken to for quite some time. Looking up will find out their full name, where they reside, and what they are up to these days.

Work Situation
Emails are essential at work since they serve as a professional way of communication. However, if you receive a group email or a business proposal from an unknown source, you may want to know more. Performing a reverse lookup will help you determine if the intentions are honest and if you can rely on the sender.

Online Purchases
These days, we have email listings to promote products. That is why you get weekly newsletters from the websites you buy from to let you know what else is there. That’s okay until you find an email promoting a product or service and you haven’t subscribed.

Checking up on the email will let you know if it’s a fraud or not.

Sweet Mysterious Offers
Have you ever seen an email that is too good to be true? Well, you can verify the source of information by visiting CocoFinder for a reverse phone lookup. That is how you get to know if someone is tricking you or not.

Suspicious Emails from People You Know
Your husband, wife, child, or close friend may send emails for phishing purposes. They could use another email that you are not familiar with to do so. In that case, you can dig in to find out if it’s a close member who is chasing you around.

Online Dating
It’s being done these days, but there is trouble in finding out more about the person. You can get more about what they don’t tell you by looking up their email on CocoFinder. The last thing you want is to bring trouble to your door from the internet.

Do you have an email that you would like to verify? Let CocoFinder do it for you using its reverse email lookup tool. Don’t trouble yourself trying to contact or clicking through to get the information. 

What you click or proceed to subscribe may be dangerous. Reduce the risk of dealing with consequences by allowing this website to tell you more about the unknown.

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