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Activate WhatsApp temporary messages on Android smartphone

Recently, WhatsApp unveiled a brand new feature for its messaging app. The name of temporary messages, this allows you to automatically delete messages 7 days after being seen by your interlocutor. Here is our tutorial to activate the function on Android smartphone.

How to activate WhatsApp temporary messages on Android?
Facebook continues to roll out its ephemeral messaging feature. After bringing the feature to Messenger, the social media giant is tackling WhatsApp with temporary messages. Once this feature is enabled, messages will self-destruct after 7 days. Note that this timing begins when your interlocutor opened the message, and not from the moment when the message was sent. In order to activate the feature on Android, here is our quick tutorial:

WhatsApp temporary messages
  1. Open your WhatsApp application;
  2. Get into a discussion;
  3. Press the name of the person you are talking to;
  4. Click on the Temporary messages option;
  5. Finally, press On!

You will now notice a small timer icon on the mailboxes where you have enabled the feature. In addition, WhatsApp will remind you at the end of the conversation that the messages will be deleted after 7 days.

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