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IOBit iFun Screen Recorder: One of the Best Free Screen Recorders

Among the various screen recording software available today, there are some that are definitely known for their quality and performance. OBS comes to mind when we mention screen recording due to its popularity in streaming, but other programs can do as good a job without the complexity of OBS software. One such program is iFun Screen Recorder. iFun Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder from IOBit and does everything you would like similar software to do.

IOBit iFun

The interface is very simple and, with several options to select or deselect your preferences, you will be ready to proceed in a matter of minutes after installation. Switching between speaker, microphone, mouse and webcam is very practical, as you can change your settings quickly from one recording to another, even with the shortest delay between them. The software also allows users to select the entire screen or a specific region or window of choice to be captured, making the program more accessible.

IOBit iFun Screen Recorder: One of the Best Free Screen Recorders

In this way, it is possible, for example, to capture a small area on the screen while it is still possible to navigate through other settings with the area not being recorded. This feature is most useful with people who do not use the dual monitor setup, but even having that setup can yield benefits from using this program. In addition to being easy to install and configure, iFun Screen Recorder is also very simple to use. After going through the desired settings above, or even checking the most advanced settings through the options menu at the top, just select the capture area of your preference and click on record.

IOBit iFun Screen Recorder: One of the Best Free Screen Recorders

A small toolbar will be visible during recording with recording pause and stop features to help you pause and interrupt the session. There is also a screen capture button so that users can take an iFun Screenshot without having to interrupt the entire recording. The iFun Screen Recorder is also very practical to use, and the recordings are visible just below the screen recorder itself, so you can practically end a session and watch the recording instantly without any processing time. The size of the recording is also very reasonable and, as it is saved in MP4 format, the videos can be opened even in VLC.

Although, as mentioned before, the software is incredibly easy to use, there is still a very useful guide section on the IOBit website, detailing all aspects involved in how to record the screen in Windows 10. The guide is also separate from the help section. , and both will provide very useful information on how to use the software optimally. This screen recorder is certainly very practical to have, but there are also other products from IOBit that can provide a similar experience. For example the IOBit’s online screen recorder that can do similar tasks without downloading.


Best Free Screen Recorders

After using the software for a few days, I can honestly say that iFun Screen Recorder is a great program, and it certainly won't cost anything to download because it's free, and being so easy to set up is another great benefit of this software. It does its job perfectly and with minimal settings to configure, which are even an added benefit to your screen recording experience

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