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Cheap Domain Registration Hosting in America and Canada

Cheap domain registration and web hosting has made the dream of being self employed, working from home and having your own business a much more realistic and achievable goal than ever before. Previously when someone wanted to start their own business there were tremendous barriers to overcome and for many the biggest barrier was the cost of getting the setup equipment or material needed to start the business.

For example if you wanted to take your knowledge and experience gained through your previous schooling, and on the job training as a corporate or business professional working for someone else and you wanted to start your own, let's say career as a freelance worker, you would have had to save, borrow or raise the capital needed to buy or rent office space, get your basic equipment and cover your operating cost which would include monthly rent, electric bill, water, licensing fees, etc.

Fortunately as a result of the wide availability of cheap domain registration and web hosting the internet provides you with a much more affordable option for starting your own business and even working from home to start and grow a successful and profitable online business.

For millions of people all over the world the internet has allow them to earn money online by creating informative and useful blogs on topics that they are not only very knowledgeable about but also covering the topics that they are passionate about and that their reading are also passionate about and enjoy learning more and more about.

A few good examples of this dog training, singing, creative writing, investing, cooking, photography and many many more topics where people have had an interest and a strong passion for a certain topic and as a result of cheap domain registration and web hosting have been able to successfully create an online business that allows them to make money, work from home and earn an online income doing something that they enjoy doing. Even though as a result of the internet it is a lot easier now than ever before to start your own business, it is important to develop the right mindset, habits and to have realistic expectations to make your business a success.

Cheap Domain Registration Hosting in America and Canada

A lot of people get misled into thinking that once the online business is setup that it will run itself. This may be one of the main reasons why so many initial businesses fail. It's important to remember that you will be engaging in a competitive activity (building a business) and you will need to have or develop the self discipline needed to learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do to be successful to get the best from the domain hosting providers.

It will take time, training, persistence and a lot of effort on your part to make this kind of endeavor a long term success that you can look forward to reaping the benefits from year after year, but thanks to cheap domain registration and web hosting it is something that has become a lot more affordable for a lot more people everywhere. Below is list of Cheap domain registration hosting in Canada and America:

Under this Hosting is Cheap Domain Registration:

GreenGeeks is a hosting company with a global presence, whose data centers are located in the United States, Europe, and of course Canada. As they name so eloquently suggests, this company is a green company committed to shrinking their environmental impact. They do so by replacing 3 times the amount of energy they use with wind power energy.


Cheap Domain Registration Hosting in America and Canada


HostPapa is an independently-owned Canadian hosting company founded in 2006. Like GreenGeeks, they too are a green web host with data centers across the US and Canada.

Established in 2004, HawkHost is a global web host with 7 data centers across Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada. HawkHost offers free migration services, SSD powered hosting, 99.9% uptime SLA, 24/7 support, and 30-day money-back guarantee. Their hosting portfolio includes shared, cloud, semi-dedicated servers, VPS and reseller accounts. On the page of each respective plan, you’ll find a detailed description of the featured software and technical specifications of each plan.

If you’re looking for a cheap, yet very efficient MySQL, FTP & PHP hosting service, look no further than Hostinger. Developed to support individual site owners, small and developing businesses, Hostinger secures a free domain, unlimited disk and bandwidth, unrestricted access to premium support, and one of the fastest WordPress hosting services. In such fashion, Hostinger attracted over 29 millions of free and paid clients on its side, and is currently investing in web design supplies to boost this number even more. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided alongside any paid plan, to give prospective users a chance to examine features firsthand. You can sign up for a Hostinger free trial to see if its tools and features fit your needs.

Cheap Domain Registration Hosting in America and Canada

GoDaddy sets up multiple examples on how the best website hosting is supposed to function. The American publicly traded Internet domain, and currently serves over 17 million users and supports 72 million domains all around the globe. In that aspect, GoDaddy can be considered the world’s largest domain name hub and hosting service provider, and also praised by users for being highly secure. What makes GoDaddy unique is its focus on the corporate community – there are business-friendly .store domains that have been highly appreciated by online shoppers, as well as affordable SSL certificates that guarantee the safety of each user’s data. GoDaddy offers a hands-on website builder for novice users, lets owners retain adept control of what is happening on their websites, and comes with a 24/7/365 support and professional assistance.

The service and the name of Namecheap certainly have much in common, given that it is probably your best bet of acquiring a low-price, yet high-quality domain name. For instance, .org domains are available for as low as $9.99 and purchased with a single click of a button, whether you’ve just come up with the title of your brand, or transferred a current name to the company’s professionals. Prices are equally affordable for high-performance shared hosing buyers and those interested in managed WordPress hosting (with or without a site on the popular CMS platform), and object to both monthly and annual subscriptions. They all get a hands-on kit of creation material, from site builders to site analytics.

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