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How to Give Your Instagram Marketing Strategy the Extra Edge It Needs to Power Your Business Ahead of the Rest?

Contemporary marketers have to use every available opportunity to make their mark on potential customers. In recent years, social media has become the new battlefield for businesses vying with each other for eyeballs, engagement, and generating traffic to the website or e-commerce platform. While Facebook is the pioneer, Instagram is the network that has been creating all the waves. 

Today, it not only boasts of a monthly active user base of more than one billion but also has the highest rate of engagement across all social media. It has emerged as the happy hunting ground for businesses across diverse industries and sectors. However, considering that there is intense competition in the online world, businesses need to be able to refine their marketing strategy to get ahead. Some practical tips:

Business Instagram 

Boost Your Follower Base
You cannot implement a marketing strategy if you do not have people following your account. The first task for any digital marketer setting himself up on Instagram is to acquire a large number of followers. As daunting as it may seem to kick off with a zero-follower base, existing companies can turn to their current customers and invite them to follow their Instagram account. 

You can also display an Instagram badge on your website as well as all other advertisements and marketing collaterals so that more people know of your presence on Instagram. You can also start following the accounts of your main competitors and start interacting with their followers to make your presence known. When you post interesting content, they will be naturally curious and follow you back. Another very effective method of growing your following is to introduce your Instagram account to your email subscribers. Giving them a small incentive or a freebie for following you can work wonders.

Create a First Impression That Locks Your Audience In
Life rarely gives you second chances, and it is especially true for marketers operating in an intensely competitive scenario. It is the reason why you need to make your first impression of your account impactful so that visitors will be compelled to follow you. Your bio should spell out what you do and how followers will benefit from associating with you. 

Make sure you use the company logo to establish its identity and remember to insert the website address so that interested visitors can click on it to go to see your website. For businesses, the first impression must be favorable so that users feel compelled to follow you for useful, engaging, and entertaining content. Resist the urge to be long-winded, instead, keep everything crisp and professional. However, there is no reason for you to be remote and impersonal; the very reason for you to be on Instagram is that you can engage your audience in a more informal way that is typically possible on a website.

Post Content Regularly
Instagram is a very busy place, and the feeds of users are flooded with posts of various kinds. To build your brand awareness and presence effectively, you need to be posting according to a consistent schedule. If you put in too long an interval between posts, followers will tend to forget about you. You will then need to put in extra effort to grab the all-important eyeballs and generate the engagement you desire to build a vibrant relationship. By posting regularly, you will ensure that your brand has better memorability. Depending on the nature of your business, your posting frequency can range from several times daily to twice or thrice a week. However, you need to ensure that you do not end up posting too much as that will annoy your followers and undo all the good work you have been doing.

In addition to the number of posts, another crucial aspect is when you post because unless you take care to post at the times when your target audience is most active, most of them may end up missing them. While there is a lot of research suggesting the best times and the days of the week for posting, it is better that you do your own research and experiment with your posting schedule to figure out the time of the day that gets you the best engagement rate. By adhering to the acceptable norms of the volume of posts and getting the time and the days of the week right, you can make a significant difference to the impact your content has on your audience. If you find that the buzz around your posts is not there, you can buy real Instagram likes from reputed social media marketing agencies for very nominal amounts.

Leverage the Power of Social Influencers
Working on the same principle as brand ambassadors, engaging Instagram influencers is a very efficient method of getting your products and services in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers very quickly. Influencers are Instagram celebrities or authority on any subject who have a good reputation or status due to which they have a large following. Depending on the industry the business is engaged in, you need to find an influencer with the right fit who will agree to endorse your products on Instagram. 

Depending on the objectives of your campaign and your marketing budget, you could engage a micro-influencer with a few thousand followers or a large influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. Working with micro-influencers is often better as their level of engagement tends to be superior to the larger ones, according to Being able to showcase your products in front of these followers can not only boost the traffic to your website or e-commerce platform but also get you a lot of new followers.

Marketing on Instagram is not the easiest of tasks; however, the nature of the platform is such that there are immense opportunities for social media marketers to reach out to improve their brand awareness and engagement with the target audience. Marketers should use Instagram not to sell products and services but to build an engaged and loyal following that will not only be more ready to buy their products but also serve as your brand advocates.

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