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Android Spy Apps That Will Help Keep Your Child Safe

There is no doubt that we as parents or guardians need to take care of our children, whether they are at home or away. Everyone knows that the internet is an amazing database full of information, interesting things and all kinds of content. However, it is especially detrimental to those who are unaware of its dangers or cannot control themselves too much.

Given this risk, if we do not impose restrictions or control on children, it can be detrimental to them. That's why software companies are developing a number of monitoring apps for mobiles with the Android operating system with advanced technology, which can help you track cell phone remotely. 

Android Spy Apps

Parents need to be vigilant to protect their children from the clutches of video games and cybercrime. In the face of this threat, software companies are developing mobile monitoring apps that instantly alert parents about their child's online activities, something that today's parents need to know about. In this regard, the following apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

In today's article we are going to mention some of the best Android spy apps that can come in handy and are available for free on Google Play Store.

This cell phone spy app has many features to track a particular phone. The app's tracking feature makes the tracking system very accurate, making it easy for users to recover a lost device. Other features of the app include monitoring the browser and GPS history. Its Spy 360 cam is a remarkable feature, which keeps you informed about what is being browsed on the phone but also what is happening around the device. 

The One Spy

TheOneSpy is a versatile app, which has the best features of all monitoring apps. It is especially great for parents as it has the highest accuracy. This app is a blessing for parents. This is slightly different from other Android apps. It not only helps to track children's online activities, but can also physically track where they are at the moment.

OgyMogy is a best spy app for android because it has something for everyone. If most of your children live out of the house, then you can monitor their mobile activities like calls and messages with geo-fencing feature. Don't worry if they spend a lot of time on social media, you can keep an eye on the messages they send and receive. You can download and view their viewed or saved multimedia content. You can even track what your child typed with the keylogger tool. The best thing about OgyMogy is its easy installation the user that it can track Windows, Mac.

First of all let's mention the monitoring app called 'FamiSafe', which has a lot of features and is also easy to use. The app is an invention of Wondershare, a company known for offering software like Filmora and many packages. With this app, parents have control over their children's internet access and they do not have to hover around their children for monitoring. Parents monitor them with their mobile geo-fencing features and do not require rooting. However, with this app, you will not be able to track children's calls or text messages or view their contact numbers.

FlexiSpy is a powerful monitoring app. The most used feature of is listening to calls through it. In addition to listening to calls, other features include access to browser history, call logging and viewing messages. However, you cannot check email through it. With this app, children's phone is monitored after its latest update or after a certain period of time. If there is any problem, you can contact customer service 24x7. You can read FlexiSpy review in details.

Children Tracking
Children Tracking is a bit different than the other Android monitoring apps on this list. Instead of tracking your children's online activities, you can physically check their whereabouts and track the cell phone remotely. This app is perfect for you if you are worried about your children all day long. The interface is friendly and uses less battery. The downside is that the app gets a lot of ads while some users say their customer service is not good.

With this app, complete information about children's 'online' activities can be obtained, thanks to which parents can easily monitor their browsers and messages, even while playing online games. What game the child is playing and how long it has been playing. It provides important information such as Wi-Fi tracking and also receives notifications from the tracked phone.

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