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10 Trending Android Games Everyone Is Playing in 2021

Gaming is an excellent pastime and allows you to relax during or after a long day. While there are many options like consoles and PCs out there, mobile gaming has emerged as the most popular platform. This is because of the sheer convenience and portability of smartphones. These days, smartphones come equipped with such strong processors that they can run high-quality games of all kinds. Android phones particularly stand out in this regard, as they’re quite open to third-party apps and usually use the Google Play Store. This lets you access a vast library of Android games, for a variety of interests.

Many of these games just take a few seconds per round, but some of these are a major commitment. Depending on your gaming habits, you can find a number of games you’d like. You just need to make sure you have a good internet connection from sources like Spectrum internet. Then, you can play a variety of Android games to your heart’s content. Here are a few of the best ones out there you must try.

10 Best Games for Android in 2021

10 Best Games for Android in 2021

Among Us
You’ve probably heard of this game, as it has taken the world by storm. This Mafia-style game has you and a group of players completing tasks and identifying impostors who are sabotaging the tasks. This is quite easy to play and is extremely popular with multiple age groups. A round usually only takes a few minutes and the game now has multiple types of gameplay, so there’s a lot you can do.

This global phenomenon has really been a hit with teenagers everywhere. It is basically a battle royale type game where you’re dropped into a map and have to kill your opponents. There are multiple elements involved which challenge you throughout, so a game of Fortnite can be quite fun and interactive, especially if you play it with your friends. It’s mobile version is quite smooth and has many players, so you’ll have a lot to do.

Crossy Road
This game is a simple frogger game where you get to at out the old adage: why did the chicken cross the road? You have to help a cute chicken cross the road without running into the various obstacles there. It gets progressively more difficult, and has new obstacles and actions across different levels. This is fun and cute game to play when you simply want to idle away the time.

Final Fantasy VII
The Final Fantasy series has always been quite iconic. This particular edition was released in 1997 for the PlayStation and then was released for Android device. It is a classic RPG with also features some great cinematics and background scores from the original games. Bringing it to the Android platform was an excellent decision by the developers, as it regained its old popularity and has led to multiple Final Fantasy mobile games, including an upcoming battle royale.

Downwell is a fun mixture of a vertical scrolling shooter, roguelike, and platformer game. In this, your character has guns strapped to their feet and is plummeting down a vertical game environment. You control movements and fight enemies with these guns, and can also perform various maneuvers. Its unique gameplay and fun soundtrack have made Downwell quite a popular Android game, so you should definitely try playing it on your smartphone.

This classic card game by Blizzard was a huge hit a couple of years ago, and is still going strong. It is basically a strategy card game where you play as characters with specific abilities and different decks of cards. Deckbuilding itself requires a lot of strategy, while you also have to use your character’s abilities to break down your opponent. This game is quite fun and challenging, and you can enjoy it online with friends or random opponents. You’ll surely find yourself investing considerable time in this game, once you get the hang of it and get your hands on some decent cards.

This hit game is also available on Android devices. You can explore whole worlds, build whatever you want and create to your heart’s content in Minecraft. While its desktop version has always been extremely popular, its Android version is also quite well-received. Whether you want to build a simple home or a grand city, it has all the tools and capabilities you need for your own Minecraft world. Once you get started, you’ll understand what the hype is all about and find yourself lost in worldbuilding.

Monument Valley
This is an indie puzzle game with a relaxing aesthetic like no other. As the player, you have to guide the character of Princess Ida through a series of increasingly complex mazes. These mazes consist of optical illusions and strange objects, so the whole experience is quite surreal. You guide her by manipulating the world around these mazes and moving her to various platforms. All of this requires a lot of thinking and strategy, so you really need to use your brainpower with this game. Its aesthetics and soundtrack are quite soothing, so play it when you want to wind down but still want a challenge.

Sky: Children of Light
Another indie outing, Sky: Children of Light is a beautifully designed open-world social adventure game. The gameplay involves flying through the world holding hands with various characters. You can explore huge worlds, with gorgeous aesthetics and an extremely soothing soundtrack. This game has won multiple awards and is a truly unique experience you must enjoy with your friends and family.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is a cute, old-style RPG, with nostalgic designs and a well-written story. The basic premise is that you’ve inherited your grandfather’s farm and have a few coins to go out an explore the world. You can cultivate the world, explore new life, and immerse yourself in a true countryside environment. You can play it as long as you want, and relax in its idyllic world. To sum up, there are a number of Android games you can enjoy in 2021. Most of them are classics you’ll continue to play for years on end.

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