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Reposting On Instagram Rules - What You Should Know Before Repost

Reposting on Instagram is fad nowadays, and people are resharing others content more often on their account than ever before. But here are some rules that you should know before reposting.

With more than 800 million people as active users worldwide and more than 600 million posts uploaded on Instagram daily, the number of marketing opportunities has been increased with this platform.

Brands and marketers are looking to strategies their Instagram game-plan and design content that connects with their audience and drives more sales.

However, creating unique, attractive, and engaging content every time is a difficult task to do. And creating unique content is not possible every time. Thus marketers have come up with the new type of content that is User-Generated Content or UGC.

Whenever users create content, it is unique and based on their creativity, and there is no repetition of content.

But as user-generated content is the intellectual property of users and contains copyrights of the content owner, one cannot repost it easily on their account.

Thus, in this article, we will tell you reposting on Instagram rules to follow before repost others' content on your account.

First thing first, let’s learn why is it important to follow rules while reposting on Instagram. So let’s get started.

Reposting On Instagram Rules - What You Should Know Before Repost

Why Should You Follow Rules To Repost On Instagram

Poeple share their images, videos, reels, or anyother type of content on Instagram to increase their social presence and promote their creativity with other users. As Instagram is the major social media platform with highest number of active users than anyother social media channels, content creators publish their created content to attract people and make their content popular with wide audience.

However, some ordinary people like to post on Instagram to stay connected with their followers and keep them updated with their social post.

So what happens, when we use any of these content to repost on Instagram, whether you want to appreciate their content, it may sometimes disappoint the content owners and they claim or sue you for copyright infringement.

Thus, to play safe and keep yourself away from legal issues, it is important that you take all those steps to protect from violation of content rights and save tons of dollars that you might pay to law authorities or content owner.

Follow these 4 major rules before reposting on Instagram and avoid getting into legal challenges.

Rule1: Know Instagram Terms of Service of Users' Content
Instagram Terms of Service mention that one cannot regram, repost or reuse others content on their account. As per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, social media content is the users' intellectual property, and content creators gain the content rights simultaneously post on the account.

Instagram TOS says that content owners are responsible for the content they publish on their account and also for the type of content they are responsible for are clearly stated in Section 7 & 8 of TOS.

In simpler terms, Instagram says users are responsible for the content they share on the platform. If you are sharing the other's content, you are responsible for taking the permission and then sharing it on your account.

Instagram does not allow reposting without permission, and there is no role of Instagram if the content owner file case against you.

Rule2: Ask Permission Before Reposting
As social media content contains the content creator's ownership rights, you cannot repost it without the owner's consent. As it is the content owner's intellectual property, there are not hardcopy patents and trademarks, to obtain to repost Instagram content.

You can only gain the copyrights from the content owner by asking permission from the content owner to repost on your account.

Asking permission can be in the way by sending the message, comment on the post, or email directly to the content owner.

Make sure to mention the post or send the link of the post on which you want to acquire permission to the owner, and it will give them a clear idea about what picture you want to repost.

Rule3: Use Rights Management To Earn Media
As asking permission over inbox or comment section is not enough as a legal proof to repost on Instagram, in case of content owner sue you even after giving permission.

Rights Management tools are designed to acquire content rights from the owner with proves like time, date, device, location, and a browser with which they permit you.

It is also a better option for marketers with a large amount of user-generated content as it will lower the hassle to manually sending a request to users.

Rights Management tool like Taggbox UGC Rights Management, helps you collect and curate user-generated content using the hashtag, handle, tag, or mention and send a request directly to the person the picture belongs.

It will keep track of the request you send to different users as well as approval on the posts from users.

Rule4: Give Proper Credits To The Content Creator
No matter if you gain content rights from the users, but if you are reposting it on your Instagram account, it is essential to mention the content owner.

You have to give proper credits by tagging them and mention their handle in the caption. It will appreciate the efforts of the content creator and boost users to create more content in future.

Benefits Of Reposting On Instagram
Instagram accounts of Brands and business can have several benefits with reposting on Instagram.

First, reposting customers created content to increase authenticity and build trust in customers. It will strengthen the brand's image and enhance the relationship of the brand with customers.

When customers interact with social media, they are not looking for the same self-praising content brands display on their website or another advertisement platform. Instead, customers are looking for real and healthy content that is informative to users.

Moreover, you can upload unique, attractive, and engaging content on your Instagram account, instead of creating new content every time.

It will save your time, efforts, and costs on creating a piece of content. As millions of content publish over Instagram, it will open vast content opportunities and engage followers with content.

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