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Several Tips You Should Know Before Taking A Computer Case

Case is usually considered trivial but actually has enough power to affect the performance of computer you have. Currently there are many types of cases available on the market. Those are distinguished from each other by the price, shape, color, and some features that make it hard to choose which one is suitable for our computer. In this article, I will describe some tips in choosing a computer case.


Adjust the Size of the Case With the Size of the Components you Have
You should buy a computer case with the right size. If you choose too small case then the various components within it will be experiencing over-heating due to bad air circulation

Choose a Case That Has the Same Brand With your Power Supply
Make sure the power supply and computer case you have are manufactured by the same company. Case and power supply are usually sold in one package. However, in some kind of high-end computer cases, power supply and case are sold separately.

Note the Case Material
Make sure your computer case has a good material. Do not choose computer case that is made of poor materials, ie materials that can be transferring electric current, giving an electric shock for anyone who touch it. Not only that, the poor case materials can damage your computer components.

Ensure the Air Circulation System in Good Condition
Make sure you choose a case that has a good air exchange system. When the computer is used then this tool will generate heat. The good air circulation system is ensuring air temperature will not rise drastically and reduce the durability of the components inside the computer. Poor air circulation system is the main cause of computer component damaging.

Check Again Before Receiving Casing
It is highly recommended if you check one more time before taking computer case to your home. Do not let yourself finding the difference in terms of material, shape, color or size of the case between what you selected and what you will take home, because the computer cases are generally encased in a sealed cardboard box.

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