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5 Types of Android Apps that can be useless to your Smartphone

Do you have an Android Smartphone? If yes, then you might have a bit of a problem...
Some of the problems that Android users often face are, The battery quickly drains, how fast your internet quota runs out, high RAM usage, and of course, Memory usage.

These kinds of problems are certainly annoying for us Android Smartphone users. But what could be the cause of all these problems? Well, one of the answers are, it is caused by the Apps that you've installed on your device.

Did you know that in every application on Android devices, there are two types, based on the process? Foreground and Background. Foreground Apps runs when we are running it and/or when we are playing it. Background Apps runs with the system.  It starts running when we turn on our Device.  See the difference?

APPS useless

Now we know that these Apps can cause problems on an Android Smartphone! But, what kind of apps? I’m going to explain it below and im going to tell you how to overcome this problem.

1. Standard Android App
There’s a lot of bloatware. It is installed in our device but we never use it! There are so many and not all of them are useful to us. Here are some Android apps that we should remove:

Default Browser. The Default Browser’s size is around 32 MB, and while we’re using it will use up a lot of RAM to run it. Which means, it can cause our Smartphone to be hot. Other than that, the internet quota we use is pretty redundant. Also, slow internet will ruin the web page view.  Plus, we have to deal with bugs on this app. The solution is, we non-activate this app and change the browser.

Live Wallpaper.  Screensaver or Live Wallpaper will drain your battery because it is run by background. Solution is, just use a normal wallpaper that doesn’t move and drain your battery.

And, any other bloatware applications that we don’t use are best deleted.

2. Weather App
The Weather App is actually a bloatware app too, but there are some Weather Apps that you can download on Playstore. This Weather App is around 6 MB – 18 MB. This Application runs by background in our Smartphone Device, and uses up about 23 MB RAM. Other than that, it takes data from the internet to be updated by the current Weather. And enough to take up the Smartphone Android Memory. Also, if it asks us to download some other fitures, that will use up more Memory space and Internet quota.

The Solution is, change it to Google Now, since we don’t really use the Weather App a lot. So, if we are going somewhere, all we have to do is ask Google Now about the current Weather in our location and destination.

3. Social Media and Shopping Apps
Social Media and Shopping Apps uses a big amount of RAM. One social media app can use up about 45 MB RAM. And of course, the size is about 34 - 50 MB. It also requires a stable internet connection so it can give you a (news) update or the latest promo. Not to mention, the battery drains really fast, and our Smartphone will eventually become warm without even doing anything on it!

The Solution is, its best that we delete all the Social Media and Shopping apps and just open it via Browser and use a bookmark. So if you want an update or if you want to know the latest promo, all you have to do is look through bookmarks in your Browser.

4. Cleaning and Performance-Enhancing Apps
Apps that cleans the Android system, or Apps that enhance the performance/boosting on our device are actually pretty useless for us Android Smartphone users. The size of these Apps are roughly between 16 MB – 20 MB. These Applications really does clean some junks we have on our device and stuff like Application cache(s). But! even though it actually deletes all the junks you have in your Android device, that Cleaning App itself will also leave some junks after cleaning it. It will also leave caches.

Same applies to performance enhancing, it does get rid of the Applications that you don’t need but, only temporarily. After we turn off this Boosting App, all of the Applications that are turned off will go back on. And it will use up the RAM again. It is in fact, a lie. Plus, we don’t really know whether we’re using the Cleaning and/or Boosting App too often, and it will cause our Android Device to break anytime soon. It will harm the RAM and the Android Smartphone Memory.

The Solution is, to remove and clear all the junks. Go to setting menu> manage application> and click application> it will show details. Once you’ve reached there, choose the “Clear Cache” button.

To enhance the RAM performance, all we have to do is pick any Application(s) that we rarely use and just simply delete them.

5. Antivirus Apps
Does it really protect our device from viruses? The answer is yes, Antivirus Apps does protect our Android Smartphone from viruses, malwares, or even hackers. But, there is more harm than good. Antivirus Apps requires 9 MB up to 30 MB of Smartphone Memory. Not only that, as a real time protection, the Antivirus runs by background. Which automatically uses so much RAM, around 40 MB. It will cause our Smartphone to be warm and we are also wasting battery. It’s worse when it starts updating the Antivirus database!

What’s the Solution? The solution is to deactivate the Antivirus. Most Android users download those Apps on Playstore (Google Play). So that if they’re bored with their App they can just uninstall it and change it to a different App.

To delete or deactivate those Applications, you need to go to the Setting Menu, and click Manage Apps / Applications, and then choose All Categories and find the App that you want to delete or deactivate. Once you’ve found the App click on it. It will show you some details on that App. Click the “Deactivate” button, wait for about a minute. And done!

Well, now we know what type of Apps that can cause our battery to drain, high amount of RAM usage, and full Storage. Now, it’s best to delete those Applications I’ve mentioned and you will feel the difference!

I have done it before giving these tips and I can honestly feel the difference. Thank you for taking your time to read this article, hopefully this article will fix your problem(s).

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