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People will really bore in the home if they have not anything to do or to play. Therefore, they will stay at home but can do their favorite activities. Playing games with your children may become the activity you like to do at home. However, what the list of indoor fun games that appropriate to play in the home easily. Here are the list of games that will fun you to play in your home so take you time now and make fun time with your children.

Fun Games to Play

Building mode of game becomes one of the interesting game you will play in your home. There are many building elements like popsicle stick, card tower, building block and forts should you prepare. The game play how tall the building you can build by using the elements that offer from the system. The winner will win the competition if you can build the highest building than others. The fancy and creativity is allowed to apply in this game that become fun activity at home.

Magical Mama or Papa
Most of game can be played in any age like Magical Mama or Papa which usually play for the kids. This is the game that you can placing the coin under a cup of three cups hen shuffle them around. You can ask your children to play with and guess which is the cups that contain the coin. Tricky parents will place the cups under the table and secret the coin. You will see the amazement of your children because they think that the coin is disappear suddenly from their sight.

Puzzle Game
The next game is puzzle which will make children or people test the cognitive, problem solving and the creativity. Let your children make a fantastic picture on the Bristol board or sturdy cardboard. Then, use the pencil to outline the piece of puzzle on the drawing directly. After that, you can cut out the pieces of puzzles with scissor in a good pair, mix them so your children will solve it. The puzzle games will become the good practice for your children.

Paper Bag Skits
The next game is paper bag skits that available for large group, especially for you who like to sleep over. Make a group of your children and give them one bag that fill with spoon, sock, ball, ribbon and toy jewelry as the property. Give a time about 15 minutes to construct the skit and arrange the property on it. This is the fun games and insist the children’s creativity without competitive mode. The winning can arrange the property rightly in the minimum time without left the creativity.

The last game you will play at home is Freeze! that become the favorite for any children. The tunes and volume should turn up and let them dance until the music is stopped then see their freeze body. The sudden stopped music should make them in any position they have a dance movement. You can ask them to create position like animals, letters or any shapes you want. Besides children, the toddler is also love to play this game with the creative mom.

The indoor game is not only available for children, but if you prefer to join you can do it together. Since, stay at home will easy to get bored if you do not do anything. Therefore, choose the right game to play is good option.

Play the games with your children or invite your friend with the child and play it in a group. The indoor fun games will not only fun challenging and have practice for children development. The children will like to repeat the game and see how they can learn from the game day by day.
Music is the media that can entertain people because the composition of music which served. The most interesting music component is the instruments that consist of many kinds like guitar, piano, and drum. Playing the instruments of music need serious learning to gain the skill on each instrument. It is also occurred on playing guitar that become the most popular instrument and most of people are capable to play it through learning by themselves. So, how to play guitar in easy steps by do it yourself without need long term learning system like in the music studios and also the cheapest one.

Learn to play guitar should be patient and fast that only needs five to ten minutes. The description below consists of how to use your five fingers to play the chord shape. Make sure that your guitar is in good quality so the tone that will be resulted is in the right tone.  If playing guitar is your habit, your muscle finger will usual to play the instrument. Fun steps of playing guitar will describe below special for you to show your skill in front of your beloved.

How To Play Guitar for Beginners

The Steps for Easy Playing Guitar
The first to play guitar is placing your fingers in the 5 basic shapes. Here are the shapes that you should remember during your learning process:

There are five guitar keys that your fingers should place in the right position. There is G that place your pointer finger for second fret in the 5th string of guitar. Then, the middle finger for 3rd fret in the 6th string and your ring finger for 3rd fret in the 1st string.
Chord G Guitar

The second is C that place your ring finger for 3rd fret in the 5th string, the middle finger for 2nd fret in the 4th string, and pointer for 1st fret in 2nd string. Then, the D that used ring finger for 3rd fret in the 2nd string, middle finger for 2nd fret in the 1st string. Your pointer finger for 2nd fret in the 3rd string but do not hit the big string of the guitar. The third is E minor that used your ring finger for 2nd fret in the 4th string, and middle finger for 2nd fret in the 5th string. The last is A minor hat used ring finger for 2nd fret in the 3rd string, middle for 2nd fret in 4th string and pointer for 1st fret in 2nd string.
Chord Guitar C

The five shapes above about how to play guitar should you remember and practice it periodically until you got the sound of harmony on your guitar. Furthermore, you need to practice it everyday for about 30 minutes long is better than you watch the TV or doing a chit chat. Get the fingers to move around the fretboard of the guitar. Then, attempt to keep up the change of tempo for some songs through changing the chords and focus in improving the touch with the right hand.

Basic Chord Guitar

Learn to play guitar is about the repetition that you can do as often as you can. Playing guitar which will result the romantic sounds is about how you can play your strumming hand. You can try by yourself which and how your palm muting while hitting the guitar’s string. The technique will sound cool for you to result the best quality of sounds. You need to minimize the buzzing sound, so the chord sings clearly.

Playing guitar will be interesting for you after you have done learn how to play guitar in the right steps. Make sure that you practice to play the guitar everyday at least in two hours and begin with easy song to have an exercise.
Do you want to play games on Android using a computer? Here is how to play android games on PC which may help you. Many new Android-based games have sprung up, but to play them requires the support of mobile hardware with certain standards. Not infrequently some mobile gaming fans have to give up when faced with the condition. However, you don’t need not worry. If you are a mobile game lover but do not have the support of a qualified phone, you can take advantage of a laptop or personal computer (PC) owned.

Best Android Game Emulator for PC
To play Android games on PC, you only needs to install Android emulator on PC device. The problem is what Android emulator which is suitable for playing Android games on PC? There are many Android emulator apps that can be used to play Android games on PC. This time, we will review one of the Android emulators are qualified enough to be used to play Android games. The emulators are called NOX Player and Koplayer. Here are 2 best android game emulator for PC.

Play Android Games On PC

How To Play Android Games On PC

1. NOX Player
Nox Player is one of the Android emulators that has a complete utility that can be used by Android game lovers to play their favorite games. Many mobile game enthusiasts are satisfied using this Android emulator. This emulator offers keyboard, mouse and game pad support. NOX Player offers fast and light performance, based on Android 4.4.2 technology, and offers compatibility with AMD / x86.

To use it, we must first download it through PlayStore. After that install like the following steps: first, double click on the Installer. Second, click YES if the permission box appears. Then, thick the agreement and choose install. Wait till the process is done and click start. Wait again for the booting process and choose next. It is done and ready to use.

2. Koplayer
Koplayer can run an Android operating system directly on your computer or laptop without experiencing slowness. Unlike BlueStacks that consume considerable RAM, Koplayer has the same features but does not take up much of your computer's RAM. It certainly will make Koplayer can run smoothly while playing Android games with the best graphics though.

Koplayer is an Android emulator for Desktop that can run on Windows operating system without requiring big RAM. The features of Android Emulator on PC Koplayer include: support multiple accounts, video recording, gamepad & keyboard and already have Google Play Store, and almost all applications and games can run on Koplayer. You can follow the instruction below to use this emulator.

The first step is downloading Koplayer and place it where it's easy to find. The second, open the downloaded Koplayer and install it as usual. Then, choose a storage area, try the remaining large. Because the more you install the app or game, the data will get bigger. The next step is just clicking “Launch”. You can click “Next” to learn how to use Koplayer easily. You can even add your Google account first by choosing “Play Store”. After choosing the game you really wanted, here you can start to play your favorite games. In addition, you can play many more games at once time. You just add the emulator by clicking “Add Emulator”.

So, this is how to play Android game on PC using NOX Player and Koplayer application. Gadgets can customize settings by clicking the Gear icon on the top of the emulator at run. You basically cannot install the android game directly through your PC since the emulator is required in this case. You are recommended to try one of these emulator for installing your favorite android games. Hope you will like it and have a good playing game time!
Sosial media adalah situs atau aplikasi yang bisa menghubungkan banyak orang dari seluruh dunia. Salah satunya yang paling terbesar adalah sosial media Facebook yang memiliki pengguna paling banyak dari sosial media lainnya. Bagi pengguna yang lebih tahu mungkin tidak akan bilang tidak ada manfaatnya membuka dan beraktifitas di media sosial facebook. Itu memang benar, jika suatu hal tidak ada tujuannya maka tidak tahu juga manfaat yang dilakukan. Di Facebook kita bisa mendapatkan berita terbaru dari media-media yang ada, kemudian kita dapat berdiskusi bersama orang lain di group yang mungkin sehobi atau ingin belajar sesuatu melalui komunitas, selain itu dengan facebook kita juga bisa mencari uang dengan berjualan, dan masih banyak manfaat yang bisa kita ambil dari sosial media facebook.

Seiring waktu berjalan sosial media facebook semakin hari semakin berkembang, fitur terbaru pun juga semakin di perbarui seperti mengubah foto profil facebook bergerak. Sekarang Anda bisa membuat foto profil bergerak di facebook dengan menggunakan smartphone Anda. Nah bagi Anda yang ingin tahu cara membuat foto profile facebook bergerak di akun facebook Anda maka bisa langsung simak langkah-langkah nya dibawah ini:

Langkah Membuat Foto Profil Facebook Bergerak:

1. Pertama-tama harus download dan instal aplikasi Facebook dari PlayStore. Jika sudah ada tidak perlu dilakukan. Ingat aplikasi Facebook bukan yang Lite.

2. Kemudian buka aplikasi facebook-nya dan login dengan akun Anda.

3. Selanjutnya menuju ke profile Anda untuk mengganti foto profile bergerak.

Foto Profil Bergerak
4. Tap pada foto profile facebook Anda. Setelah itu maka ada pilihan "Take a New Profile Video" untuk membuat video baru untuk dijadikan profile beregerak. Jika Anda sudah mempersiapkan video atau ingin menggunakan video yang sudah ada dari galeri maka pilih " Select Profile Video".

5. Apabila Anda menggunakan video yang sudah ada tetapi video tersebut panjang, maka klik edit untuk menentukan bagian yang ingin dijadikan foto profile bergerak.

Cara Membuat Foto Profil Facebook Bergerak
6. Selanjutnya geser tanda kota biru tersebut ke bagian yang ingin Anda jadikan foto profile bergerak.

7. Pilih Thumbnail untuk memilih gambar pratinjau. Pilih Crop untuk memotong layar video.

8. Kemudian tap Save jika sudah selesai.

Nah demikianlah cara membuat foto profile facebook bergerak. Sangat mudah bukan? Saat ini foto profile bergerak di facebook belum bisa dilakukan melalui Desktop atau browser, jadi mau tidak mau harus download aplikasi resmi dari facebook via google playstore. Jika Anda suka dengan artikel ini silahkan like dan share. Terima Kasih !
How to Increase RAM Capacity Easily Without Using Any Software - RAM (Random Access Memory) is used by the computer for computing processes in running all software programs. RAM also stores information while displaying the data on the computer screen. Increase the amount of RAM will make computer more powerful in computing processes; the computer can execute complex programs and work with large files.

Referring the definition above, we can easily conclude that the greater the capacity of the RAM, the better performance of the computer. You can increase the capacity of the RAM easily. You do not need to purchase a new RAM, you do not need the help of any software, and you also do not need to add RAM by buying a flashdisc considering the limited amount of memory on flashdisc itself and its expensive price. All you need to increase the power of computing processes is free space available on the harddisc. The term is often referred to as 'adding page file', 'adding virtual memory' or 'adding RAM of harddisc'.

How to Increase RAM Capacity

How To Increase Ram Capacity:

Windows already provides a feature to add RAM. If you are a Windows XP user, you can perform the following steps. Do them carefully!

1. Click Properties>Advanced>Settings.

2. Click the 'Advanced'. In the 'virtual memory', select 'Change'.

3. Tick on 'Size option'.
You will see few drives you can use as a 'virtual memory'. You can set the initial size and maximum value on each drive. You may use one, two or all of the drive if possible. You should be aware that a major consideration for you in filling value is a space or free space available on your drives

4. Once you have done, click 'Set' and then 'OK'.
The computer will ask you to restart so that the settings can take the wanted effect. Click “restart” and after the restart process is complete, you will find that your RAM capacity has been increased. You will not find a warning of "Virtual Memory Too Low" any more. The reason is RAM will automatically use the space on the harddisc that has been set. Your computing processes will be optimized without experiencing a variety of problems related to hang, freez or other.
Free games download for android phones are are now growing rapidly, there are so many interesting games that circulate on the internet. This time HpLover will review some of the most popular and best games for you, not just reviews, you can also download it for free and I will always update every month. Here you can find referrals or images before playing the game again ngehits this time, so you do not need to be confused.
Yes, here are top 7 best free games download for Android phones. You don’t need to pay more coins or something else to play your favorite games. You can even play these games below offline. It can hep you to spend your free time with your hobby, of course, playing your the most incredible game. Find your game character right now! Let’s check them out here!

Games Free For Android

Free Games Download for Android Phones

1. Clash of Clans
You can download this Clash of Clans APK for free and it takes an internet connection to play this game. This game tells the story of clan clashes in the past. You will take on the role of clan leader, where you must build a village and gather combat troops to protect the village or attack other villages for the natural resources and property of the village. In order to have a strong village, you need defense equipment such as cannon, barrack and other objects.

2. Cut the Rope: Time Travel V 1.4.2
Puzzle game A little young frog Om Nom is hungry and the only thing closest between him and his belly is the rope with the tip of the candy. Run your finger over the rope to release the desired candy. But do not forget to collect the many stars that appear on the road. You are faced with an interesting level of level 175, to feed the greedy monster in the end. Fun animations, excellent music, genuine gameplay and beautiful animated graphics will not allow you to miss.

3. Real Racing 3 V 2.6.2
The Real Racing 3 feature list continues to extend official license tracks, 22-car grids, and more than 70 highly detailed cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. In addition, it has social leaderboards, Ghost Challenges, etc, which allows you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

4. LightoMania
This game has a funny character, you have to play the tongue to get the light bulb and you must be agile to play the jump. This game is perfect for those of you who are interested in things that are challenging as well as for everyone who is just looking for fun. After a try once you will become obsessed with both the game and its character.

5. Mini Ini MO
Mini Ini Mo is a game for everyone, this game tells about three characters, Mini, THIS and Mo, each of them has special abilities and limitations, your job is to guide the three small champions through difficult challenges, and only with your help they can do it.

6. Plants Vs Zombies 2
Who does not know this Plants Vs Zombies game ?? definitely bnyak from you who know it, this game including the most popular game in play store. This game is advanced from the first Plants Vs Zombies. As always, you should set the Placement strategy of Plants that will block the rate of zombie predators of the human brain. Download this free game here.

7. Subway Surfers
This is an android game to train agility, you are required to avoid the pursuit of dogs and security guards, and the challenge is you have to pass the train tracks and train cars, This game is shared free on google play. You can download the APK file there.

So,are you ready to challenge yourself with those free games download for android phones? Go! Go! Let’s go playing game now!