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7 Signs That He's Into You - Explained By A Dating Consultant

Do you think he’s really into you, or is he just playing around?

It can be challenging to figure out what men think, especially when dating. You might even overanalyze his actions or words by assigning meaning to them.

A dating consultant can make your dating experience and relationship happier and more fulfilling through discussion, behaviour modelling, etc. Fortunately, many subtle signs tell you when a guy is really into you. You should pay close attention to his body language, how he communicates with you, and how he acts around you.

In this blog post, here are seven signs that he’s into you– explained by a dating consultant so you’ll know when to take things to the next level!
Dating Consultant

7 Signs He's Truly Into You

Look for these seven signs below to know if he’s into you. Find out if the man you’re dating or planning to date does these things for you:

He consistently makes plans with you
A guy will try to hang out with you if he likes you. You’ll even get the impression that he spends much of his leisure time with you. He enjoys spending quality time with you, which is one of the most obvious signals that a guy likes you.

He longs for that special moment with you. He will start conversations, invite you for one-on-one time, and be consistent.

He smiles when he sees you
People naturally smile when they see a person they admire. So, if your man adores you, it will be evident that he is incredibly eager to see you.

When you enter the room, keep an eye out for any smiles on his face. If he’s really into you, he’ll likely have a wide, happy grin and chuckle during the entire conversation.

He’s supportive of you
When a guy likes you, he’ll try to prove that he’s harmless and you can trust him. Also, it can be scary for a guy to tell you directly that he genuinely likes you. So instead, he might express it by encouraging you, taking an interest in your hobbies, advocating for you, and being there for you when you need it.

He teases you a lot
Is he frequently making fun of you? He might be trying to be more playful with you to make you laugh. In addition, he would laugh at all your jokes since he is so into you. Hence, if you notice him grinning while he’s with you, that hints that he likes you.

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He tries to impress you
Unless a person is genuinely into you, they will not even try to influence your opinion since they do not feel the need to impress you. Instead, when a guy likes you, he wants you to think well of him. Perhaps, he’ll begin to tell you about his professional achievements or show you images of him enjoying what he loves most.

He touches you casually
Touch can communicate so much without saying anything at all. If your date touches your arm lightly when making a point or laughing at something funny, it may mean that he wants to get closer but isn't sure how far is too far.

Pay attention to how often and where his hands wander when talking with him; if it's consistent without you talking about boundaries first, this could be another sign that he's into you!

His friends know about you
If his friends already know you before meeting them—or if they seem like they already do—then chances are this guy has been talking about (and bragging about) knowing someone as great as yourself!

This kind of behaviour is usually only seen when a guy is head over heels for someone special; take note if his friends start giving him knowing glances whenever the two of you cross paths together!

Is he displaying all seven of these signs? If yes, he’s totally into you. As a woman, trust your intuition, but try not to over analyse. Moreover, do your part by showing him that you feel the same way about him. After all, a genuinely interested man won’t let you continue playing the guessing game!

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