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Tips and Tricks for Making Your Resume Appeal to Employers

Unemployment rates in most countries are currently skyrocketing. This results from the high number of graduates pumped out of universities, polytechnics, and colleges annually. Even those who are currently employed are seeking to leave their jobs in search of better pay and better working conditions, putting more pressure on the job market. This unprecedented situation in the job market has made job seekers rethink and restrategize how they approach recruiters and hiring managers to give themselves an edge over the other applicants.

Making Your Resume Appeal to Employers

Making the Perfect Resume

A resume, a form that showcases your skills and experience, is usually your first contact with recruiters. How organized and attractive your resume looks will determine if you will be considered for a personal interview. Research conducted by Zippia showed that recruiters and hiring managers only take 7-9 seconds to review a resume. Meaning that job seekers have limited time to impress their potential boss. Writing a good and attractive resume shouldn't take job seekers more than 5 minutes, especially when following the tips and tricks of this website. Here are tips and tricks for writing a great CV.

Select Accomplishments Best-Fitting The Job Description
You must know that your resume is not a comprehensive list of all your jobs and experiences. It is a document that should be designed to market your expertise, showcase your brilliance, and make you stand out among other applicants. When writing a resume, ensure you read the job description carefully, to know which kind of experience is needed.

Suppose you don't have any experience consigning the job in question, but you do have the skills to carry out the tasks. In that case, leaving the experience section blank is safer because highlighting other forms of experience not related to the job will likely make you unattractive. On this website you will learn how to arrange your accomplishments based on your job description.

Do Not Save The Best For Last
The saying "save the best for last" doesn't work when writing a resume, especially when knowing the fact that hiring managers only spend 7-9 seconds viewing an applicant's resume. To stand a better chance of achieving your dream position, you must highlight your best accomplishment at the top of the front page.

The top section of your resume must be reserved for the most relevant and recent accomplishments. This will attract the recruiter to your resume, allowing them to spend more time reviewing your other qualifications and experiences.

Try Sticking To A Single Page
Most people who write double or more pages of a resume do so because they feel the power is in how much you say, but the power is in the value of what you say. Writing a one-page resume helps you to be more precise when highlighting your experiences. It helps you to pinpoint the exact expertise and experience required by the recruiter.

Some people argue that a double page makes you look better experienced and qualified, but until that debate is won and proven, concentrate all your achievements on a single page to hook the recruiter's attention. Note, if all your relevant accomplishments can not be fitted into a single page, it's safe to go for a double page but ensure the best and most relevant accomplishments are at the top of the first page.

Keep It Simple
When writing a resume, your primary focus should be the recruiter's ability to read and understand what you are saying. Being creative won't work as it might make your work look complex, defeating your purpose of writing the resume, which is applying for a job. In your resume, make use of font sizes 10 and 12 to enable the hiring manager to capture every word you must have written.

Your fonts should be both basic and modern (Helvetica, Arial, or Century Gothic) to make your resume more attractive and entertaining to read. Also, ensure you leave a healthy amount of space between words and sentences to prevent your work from looking choked up and boring to read.

Bottom Line
As a young job seeker or someone making a career change, writing a resume can be challenging, stressful, and discouraging but following the above tips will give you an edge over other applicants.

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