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Best Fastest Browsers for Android

To support internet browsing activities requires a fast and reliable browser application. Currently there are dozens of browsers available for the Android operating system with various features and advantages. There are many features but slow, some are simple but fast.

Well, for those of you who want to surf in internet comfortably, this time will review best fastest browsers for Android. Various approved browsers will make you feel comfortable surfing the network that is bad.

1. Google Chrome
Best Fastest Browsers for Android
As the default browser of the Android operating system, Google Chrome deserves to be called the first in this list. This browser has a bandwidth saving feature that will speed up access to a website while saving your data usage.

Google Chrome also has features that are quite complete with an attractive appearance. If you use Chrome on a PC, you also have to use it on Android because all bookmarks, passwords and other data will automatically be synchronized.

2. CM Browser
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

CM Browser is a simple, fast and safe application. This browser was developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc. which is quite popular with the CM Security application. This browser is very light because it only has a size of 2MB.

Not only light, but this browser is also able to deliver web pages quickly. If you are worried about privacy and security issues, then this browser will give a warning if you want to download a file or access a suspected dangerous webpage.

3. Maxthon Browser
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

Maxthon Browser is a browser application Android that is fast and has quite complete features. In this browser you can set your favorite websites to be more accessible. Navigation on web pages is also easier because you can use gesture control.

This browser also integrates cloud services, so you can send and receive messages, share images and links, and synchronize between devices. Finally, Maxthon Browser also supports flash video playback to stream flash videos.

4. Browser for Android
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

The fastest browser application for Android this time comes from the Browser. This application is specifically for Android-based smart phones. Applications has been downloaded more than 29,000 times on PlayStore, will make it easier to help you explore the internet.

Fast, easy and practical, that's what the Browser for Android application offers. You can take advantage of the smart feature where this application will save your favorite website. No need to worry about security issues, this application also ensures the safety of your cellphone to avoid viruses.

5. Firefox
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

Firefox also participates in browser competition in the realm of Android. Although not great like the browser for desktop, this browser has presented several powerful features such as offline reading and add-ons for gesture control, password management and ad blockers.

How to use the fastest browser application for Android is not difficult. You only need to have the application first. Once done, you can open the application and start surfing the internet using Firefox. Easy, fast, practical, and also free.

6. Opera Mini

We thing no need for a long explanation about this browser. Since the Symbian era to Android this today, Opera Mini is the most used mobile browser because of its features and speed.

Opera Mini will compress web pages, so that the loading process will take very quickly. In addition, the results of the compress will also reduce the file size to 90%, so that it can save your internet quota usage.

7. Quick Browser

With Quick Browser, you will be easy to find whatever is needed. Not only that, this application also claims to be able to browse very quickly thanks to the optimization system which is quite effective.

More ever, the Quick Browser also has a number of features that are quite adequate. As for some features, such as secure and QR Code. Well, for the QR Code feature it is useful to directly scan any QR Code, so you don't need to use a special additional application to scan the QR Code. Then, everything that is done by users in the browser is guaranteed safe thanks to the secure feature.

8. Dolphin Browser
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

At the beginning of its appearance Dolphin Browser managed to attract the attention of users through the gesture control feature which was still relatively new at that time. Thanks to these features Dolphin Browser has now become one of the top browsers in the Android world.

Although not as fast as other browsers, Dolphin Browser has a variety of interesting features. Some of these features include voice recognition, add-ons, themes, and data sharing between Android devices and PCs.

9. Flynx
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

Flynx is one of the applications that we recommend browsing on Android. In application, Flynx has features speed for opening any web. Allegedly based on the Androidauthority review, this application is not easy to lag or suddenly a force stop warning appears. What's unique is that Flynx is also available in night mode.

10. Brave Browser
Best Fastest Browsers for Android

Another great application for browsing, namely Brave Browser. This is a fairly lightweight application with powerful features. Here, users can enjoy the adblock feature so you don't need to be bothered by the presence of advertisements on the web.

Not only that, Brave Browser also guarantees security and speed in browsing. Specially, Brave Browser is able to minimize use of battery power so it won't waste battery life.

That's the list of the best fastest browser apps for Android, you can try right now. The list above can change over time because there are always new updates or browsers that appear every day. From the list above, which one is your favorite?