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How To Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video

How To Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video - Singing is an activity often done by most people in the world. Singing is one of the activities that can relieve stress, because most all the lyrics have a deep meaning of human life. You probably already know the meaning of "lip-sync". Yeah, lip-sync is the attitude of someone who mimic the movement of the lips with an existing voice without making a sound. In this article, I will introduce a free android application relating to lip-sync, namely Dubsmash. Dubsmash is getting more popular day by the day.

Dubsmash is an application that we can use in android and IOS. Dubsmash was created by the Mobile Motion GmbH to create a selfie video followed with unique voices. How we use Dubsmash application can be learned easily, we just need to choose an audio file that has been provided, and then listen to it, so that you can memorize them and imitate sounds. Duration of the video created by the application is just a few seconds; the duration is intended to alleviate boredom of video lovers. Here are some of the features provided by Dubsmash for its users:

How To Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video

Following How To Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video

1. Provide a lot of unique voices from around the world. You can choose a lot of songs from various countries ranging from United States until Asian countries like Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so forth.

2. Can be used to record video lip-sync in limited duration. As described above, the app determines limited duration to avoid the boredom of any video lover.

3. Provide a share feature to share the video to all friends via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This app is ensuring you to share the video easily and instantly.

How can you get your lip-sync video? Are you curious about the unique application of this one? If you are less confident with your voice, but want to upload a video selfie of you who are singing in social media, then Dubsmash is the best answer for you. What are you looking for? Immediately register yourself on Dubsmash and enjoy funny videos outcome of your creation and share them with your friends.

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