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Listen and Sing Your Best Music By Using Android SoundCloud!

Have you ever heard of a social network called SoundCloud? You might need to register and download this android application in your smartphone. Why? Because this application is perfect for you who like to listen and sing. SoundCloud is an audio-based social networking. This social networking media is actually not much different from Facebook, which distinguished only what is shared. If in other social networks we can share whatever we want, on SoundCloud you can only distribute audio / voice recording while singing. So far there are many people who share their voices in the music they like on SoundCloud.

Android SoundCloud!

By using SoundCloud, you can listen to original music from the music communities, bands, producers and other audio providers. In other words, SoundCloud is an audio-based social network that is the largest in the world. By using the SoundCloud app in android, you can access it wherever you are. The control system is depending on you wherever you are whenever you want!

Key features in Android Soundcloud

  1. Find the popular music in SoundCloud in the 'Trending Music' and 'Trending Audio'
  2. Search and discover new music and audio for free
  3. Find and follow a stream music and songwriter
  4. Listen to audio collections or create your own playlist distributed to those who follow you.
  5. Listen through the streaming of a new sound track; in addition you can also stream audio using wi-fi or internet connection in your smartphone.
  6. Record your voice and share to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
  7. You can record with Geotagging, to enable this you have to give permission "ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION".
  8. There is a record on the homescreen widget of Android
  9. Music can be continued when the android in a locked condition.
  10. You can go to Google + and distribute your video to your friends on Google+

When registering Android SoundCloud for free, you get a ration of about 120 minutes of voice recording. So take advantage of the time to upload your best music. You can get this application for free in the Google Play Store. Good luck with your SoundCloud account!

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