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Top 7 Best Free Games Download for Android Phones

Free games download for android phones are are now growing rapidly, there are so many interesting games that circulate on the internet. This time HpLover will review some of the most popular and best games for you, not just reviews, you can also download it for free and I will always update every month. Here you can find referrals or images before playing the game again ngehits this time, so you do not need to be confused.

Yes, here are top 7 best free games download for Android phones. You don’t need to pay more coins or something else to play your favorite games. You can even play these games below offline. It can hep you to spend your free time with your hobby, of course, playing your the most incredible game. Find your game character right now! Let’s check them out here!

Games Free For Android

Free Games Download for Android Phones

1. Clash of Clans
You can download this Clash of Clans APK for free and it takes an internet connection to play this game. This game tells the story of clan clashes in the past. You will take on the role of clan leader, where you must build a village and gather combat troops to protect the village or attack other villages for the natural resources and property of the village. In order to have a strong village, you need defense equipment such as cannon, barrack and other objects.

2. Cut the Rope: Time Travel V 1.4.2
Puzzle game A little young frog Om Nom is hungry and the only thing closest between him and his belly is the rope with the tip of the candy. Run your finger over the rope to release the desired candy. But do not forget to collect the many stars that appear on the road. You are faced with an interesting level of level 175, to feed the greedy monster in the end. Fun animations, excellent music, genuine gameplay and beautiful animated graphics will not allow you to miss.

3. Real Racing 3 V 2.6.2
The Real Racing 3 feature list continues to extend official license tracks, 22-car grids, and more than 70 highly detailed cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. In addition, it has social leaderboards, Ghost Challenges, etc, which allows you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

4. LightoMania
This game has a funny character, you have to play the tongue to get the light bulb and you must be agile to play the jump. This game is perfect for those of you who are interested in things that are challenging as well as for everyone who is just looking for fun. After a try once you will become obsessed with both the game and its character.

5. Mini Ini MO
Mini Ini Mo is a game for everyone, this game tells about three characters, Mini, THIS and Mo, each of them has special abilities and limitations, your job is to guide the three small champions through difficult challenges, and only with your help they can do it.

6. Plants Vs Zombies 2
Who does not know this Plants Vs Zombies game ?? definitely bnyak from you who know it, this game including the most popular game in play store. This game is advanced from the first Plants Vs Zombies. As always, you should set the Placement strategy of Plants that will block the rate of zombie predators of the human brain. Download this free game here.

7. Subway Surfers
This is an android game to train agility, you are required to avoid the pursuit of dogs and security guards, and the challenge is you have to pass the train tracks and train cars, This game is shared free on google play. You can download the APK file there.

So,are you ready to challenge yourself with those free games download for android phones? Go! Go! Let’s go playing game now!