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How To Optimize Your Android Phone

How To Optimize Your Android Phone - In just a few years after its emergence, Android has become the most dominant gadget platform. Today, hundreds or even thousands of smartphone brands have been made based on the Android platform. If you have an Android device, there are some things you can do to optimize day-to-day use. Here are some tips for optimizing Android:

Treat your smartphone like a PC to improve its performance
Smartphone is a PC miniature that can be grasped by hands. The workings of smartphones are not too different when compared to a PC, for example in memory management.

Such as PC, Android will slow down if the RAM or internal storage in full condition. To improve performance, you can turn off the active programs that are being unused through the task manager provided by your Android device.


Step How to Optimize Your Android Phone

Do all the cleaning of the internal media by removing rarely used applications or old files such as photos or videos that have been backed up in advance. Some cleaner programs can help you in this regard

Take advantage of the freedom of modification
One of the important advantages of Android over other mobile platforms is a freedom of modification. You can put a variety of widgets on the homescreen and lockscreen. You can view any e-mail or Twitter timeline without having to open an application, as well as other information, ranging from weather in the surrounding areas to the movement of the stock. Arrange Android devices in such a way that suits your needs and your usage habits to be more easily used.

Put the address in lockscreen
To prevent losing your smartphone, you can put the address and contact information on lockscreen.

Go to the menu Settings> Security> Screen Security> Owner Info. There is a small box where you can type the address information to be displayed on the lockscreen.

Want to track the position of the phone? You can do so by "Googling". Just type the keyword "Find My Phone" in the browser, and Google Search will display your phone’s position via Google Maps display. If necessary, you can also ring the mobile phone ringtone or perform remote wipe through the facility of "Find My Phone".

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