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How to Increase Your RAM Capacity Easily Without Using Any Software

How to Increase RAM Capacity Easily Without Using Any Software - RAM (Random Access Memory) is used by the computer for computing processes in running all software programs. RAM also stores information while displaying the data on the computer screen. Increase the amount of RAM will make computer more powerful in computing processes; the computer can execute complex programs and work with large files.

Referring the definition above, we can easily conclude that the greater the capacity of the RAM, the better performance of the computer. You can increase the capacity of the RAM easily. You do not need to purchase a new RAM, you do not need the help of any software, and you also do not need to add RAM by buying a flashdisc considering the limited amount of memory on flashdisc itself and its expensive price. All you need to increase the power of computing processes is free space available on the harddisc. The term is often referred to as 'adding page file', 'adding virtual memory' or 'adding RAM of harddisc'.

How to Increase RAM Capacity

How To Increase Ram Capacity:

Windows already provides a feature to add RAM. If you are a Windows XP user, you can perform the following steps. Do them carefully!

1. Click Properties>Advanced>Settings.

2. Click the 'Advanced'. In the 'virtual memory', select 'Change'.

3. Tick on 'Size option'.
You will see few drives you can use as a 'virtual memory'. You can set the initial size and maximum value on each drive. You may use one, two or all of the drive if possible. You should be aware that a major consideration for you in filling value is a space or free space available on your drives

4. Once you have done, click 'Set' and then 'OK'.
The computer will ask you to restart so that the settings can take the wanted effect. Click “restart” and after the restart process is complete, you will find that your RAM capacity has been increased. You will not find a warning of "Virtual Memory Too Low" any more. The reason is RAM will automatically use the space on the harddisc that has been set. Your computing processes will be optimized without experiencing a variety of problems related to hang, freez or other.