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Challenges Faced by Insurance Industry in India

Indians are always smarter when it comes to managing their money. But sometimes, the new means of financial security may confuse Indian people. Even though it has been active for the last few hundred years in India, the insurance industry is still an unexplored territory by millions of people. Well, it’s the right time to get insured to stay safe from the uncertain future.

Even though people are taking a keen interest in the Insurance channels, it’s important to understand that the Industry is facing many challenges these days. As only 2.4% of the Indians have taken Insurance cover in one form or another, a vast majority of Indians are still not insured. What are the challenges faced by the Insurance companies in India? Why is the penetration of Insurance in the Indian sector very low? Let’s discuss the same.

Insurance Industry

Challenges in Front of the Indian Insurance Sector

#1 - Spending Capacity
Getting insured means one has to save money for the Insurance premiums. This is one of the biggest problems for many Indians as it may cause them to have issues with monthly budgets.

That’s why the people in India are hesitant to buy the Insurance policy for themselves or their loved ones. With the less spending capacity, Insurance companies face difficulties acquiring new customers, achieving higher market penetration, and retaining the customers paying insurance premiums.

#2 - Regulations
The insurance Industry is one of the world's most highly regulated industries. With the numerous regulations and rules of the governing body, the Insurance companies find it difficult to operate normally. With the restrictions for every activity, it becomes harder for companies to get new customers. Also, for normal people, getting Insurance is a tedious task as they have to do a lot of paperwork to get the same and claim the settlements.

#3 - Inflation
We all know that Inflation is rising, which is not good for any industry. Regarding the Insurance Industry, Inflation is one of the biggest problems. With less spending power in the hands of the consumers, they focus on the essentials instead of getting insured. So, it’s one of the biggest hurdles for the insurance business to get new customers and retain them.

#4 - Seriousness
Insurance is one of the essential things to provide assurance to loved ones in case something bad happens. The Indian population has less serious about this issue. The lack of seriousness is one of the big issues that the Insurance industry in India faces. As people are not serious about spending money on Insurance policies, the companies find it hard to convince the people. There are a lot of advertising and educational campaigns being run in India to educate people about the benefits of having an Insurance policy.

Final Words
With the pandemic like COVID-19, the importance of Insurance is known by the people in India. Still, the insurance industry is not able to penetrate the market in India due to various factors. For a growing economy like India, it’s one of the major roadblocks. It would be interesting to see how the Insurance industry tackles these issues.

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