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How An Attractive Resume Can Make You Stand Out From The Rest

There can be little question that when writing a resume, you need to make it 'attractive' to grab the intended audience’s attention.

The assumption is that companies are receiving hundreds of resumes for any given job opening and in most cases, they only have five seconds to review your file before dismissing it or selecting it for further consideration.

This means your resume must be eye-catching in some way, but what does it mean to make your resume attractive? To the hiring manager, the concept of an attractive resume means different things to different people.

Does this mean your resume should be aesthetically pleasing or carefully laid out in a visually appealing manner? 

Attractive Resume

When it comes to visual appeal, yes! This is your resume, and you should make every attempt to present it in the best possible way to reflect well on you.

If you think an aesthetically pleasing resume does nothing good, then you are wrong. Read these six benefits of an attractive resume to find out.

6 Benefits of An Attractive Resume

1. An Attractive Resume is Easy to Read
One of the most important aspects of an attractive resume is readability. A recruiter or hiring manager has only five seconds in which to determine whether you are worth further consideration or not so if your resume isn't easy to read, it won't get seen!

Your goal when writing an attractive resume is to both grab the reader's attention in those five seconds and also leave them with a positive impression of your personality, skillset, and career goals.

Readability can be achieved by greatly limiting how much you use difficult language or industry jargon.

You want to write so that someone completely outside of your industry will still be able to understand your resume.

This may mean having to rewrite some of the content you had originally put together, but it is well worth the effort of rewriting. Your goal isn't just to make an attractive resume, but also one that gets read and understood!

2. Attractive Resumes are Unique
Everyone has had the experience of reading another resume and coming across something they've read before.

This is annoying for obvious reasons, but it also makes you want to dismiss the person who submitted it because how could they not know this was already said in their resume?

You immediately wonder why on Earth they think you'd be interested in seeing anything else they have to say. This is why you need to make your resume stand out from the rest of the competition!

A great way to ensure your resume stands out is to use a few different fonts, but not too many. If you can't find any ideas on using fonts and colors while creating a resume, you can take help from for some attractive resume examples.

You want to be sure that whatever font you choose allows you a degree of readability while also making it stand out from the other resumes that will be submitted.

Further, you want to make sure that your resume isn't just 'attractive', but unique and different in the ways that really matter.

3. An Attractive Resume is Well Organized
When you are writing an attractive resume, the organization is key! You need to make sure that your resume is well organized.

The formatting of your document should be clean, neat, and consistent throughout the entire document.

This means sticking with a single font for ease of readability, limiting the size of your margins, and ensuring you leave plenty of white space on the page.

You can also include headings, bolded text, and bulleted lists to help break up the information you are presenting on the page.

It's also essential to include plenty of transitional words throughout your resume. For example, if you want a job in PR, it helps if your resume includes phrases like 'Increased sales by 15%', 'Decreased average time spent on customer support tickets', or 'Worked with team members across 12 countries.'

4. An Attractive Resume is Easy to Navigate
Once you have your document well organized, it will be easy for the reader to navigate through the document should they choose to do so.

It helps very much if you have included an objective at the top of your resume as well as a list of skills and qualifications.

This way, the reader (the person with the power to hire) can quickly and easily determine your goals and how qualified you are for those goals.

5. An Attractive Resume is Personal
Many people believe that resumes should be written in the third person rather than the first person, but this simply isn't true (and no one will even notice if you use such pronouns as 'I' or 'we').

When writing an attractive resume, it's important to remember that hiring managers want their company to stand out from all of the others applying for the same job.

They don't necessarily care about how Joe Schmoe thinks his career so far has gone, they want to know that you are the perfect candidate for their open position.

When drafting your resume, use phrases like 'I demonstrated' or 'I showed'. This demonstrates to the reader that you've taken ownership of your work without coming across as arrogant or braggadocious.

You want to show how dedicated and passionate you are about your career, not tell them how much better than everyone else you think you are!

It's also important to focus on what makes YOU qualified for the job rather than focusing only on the position’s requirements.

After all, if someone can fill every single requirement listed in a job posting, then everyone who submitted their resume would be equally - which obviously isn't true.

When writing an attractive resume, you want to demonstrate that you are the perfect candidate!

If you can show this in your resume, it will be far more likely that the hiring manager will want to meet up with you for an interview.

6. An Attractive Resume is Easy to Share
Finally, one of the most important things about writing an attractive resume is making sure it looks good when printed out or when viewed online on a mobile device.

You should avoid complicated colors or fonts if at all possible because many people find these difficult to read in print - and they also take longer to load on a mobile device which could result in missing out on potential job opportunities!

So these were some of the benefits of creating an attractive resume. An attractive resume helps you grab the attention of your potential employer and keeps them wanting to hire you eventually. So, next time you are writing a resume, do keep these points in mind so that you can write an attractive resume for yourself!

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