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Improving Your Gaming Experience On Your Android Phone

If you are into gaming, then trying to play your regular games on your Android device has probably been a bit of nightmare. It can be difficult to get the high quality gaming experience that you get from your desktop or gaming laptop. Most of the time, it has more to do with not knowing how to get the best performance out of your mobile Android device.

The technology behind Android devices these days is quite powerful and can run games like Fortnite and PUBG with ease, but you have to know how to boost your phone in the right ways to unlock it's true potential. Here are some handy tips to help you boost the power of your Android device.

Clear cache data
Your device stores all sorts of data. In the most basic terms, Cached data is all the information your device saves when you visit any website or app. It usually contains unimportant information but also takes up space and eventually leads to the slowing down of your phone. So, cleaning the cached data on a regular basis is a great way to keep the overall performance of your phone and lead to a better gaming experience. You are basically clearing up trash files. This advice is especially helpful if your phone's storage is low. 

Improving Your Gaming

Change your screen refresh rate
When you have a higher refresh rate, you will get a better visual-feel out of your games and much smoother animations.

Many Android devices-including Samsung and OnePlus, allow you to change your screen refresh rate. Put it on the highest that your device offers and watch how nicely the visuals improve in your games.

Enable Android developer options
"Enabling developer options on your Android phone is the most important thing you can do to improve your gaming on your phone" says Alfredo Gardener, a tech blogger at Write My X and 1Day2Write. The developer mode is a hidden, so to unhide this mode, you need to open settings and select about phone. You should now see the build number on your phone's screen. Tap on the number 7 times, which should enable the developer option. You can now use this to turn on Force 4x.

Turn on Force4x
Once you have turned on developer mode, you can turn on Force4x, which is an option that some Android devices have. This gives you the best possible gaming experience on your phone. All you need to do is search the developer options and find the one that says Force4x and toggle the option on. However, this will drain your battery life, so only do it if you are not too concerned about your battery life.

Enable Dolby Atmos Sound
Dolby Atmos sound can really improve the audio quality of your games. If you have a phone that supports this, just simply turn this feature on and enjoy the better sound in all of your favourite games.

Be sure to uninstall task killers and install game booster apps Any task killer's sole function is to stop apps which are running in the background. "Once upon a time it was believed that they improved battery life" explains Lori Sanders, a tech writer at Coursework Help and Britstudent. However, android today has been optimised to a level where it can run apps in the background without drastically affecting performance, making task killers a waste of precious phone space.

Instead of having a task killer on your phone, opt for a game booster app instead. A game booster app is designed to only stop background apps from running only when you are playing a game, making sure you won't miss out on important notifications and messages on a regular basis. These apps also optimise utilisation of RAM, CPU, and battery which will lead to faster gaming encounters. It reduces lag and boosts your device for an optimal gaming experience.

System Update
Keeping your phone up-to-date is another great way to boost your gaming performance on your android. Software updates on Android are available on a regular basis and keeping your phone up-to-date ensures a better and faster performance.

It does this by fixing bugs and heating problems which are very common during extensive gaming sessions. Be sure to check online reviews before updating your Android system, as sometimes these updates have bugs which lead to slower performance and overheating.

Update your games
Keeping your games updated seems pretty basic but it definitely has an effect on your overall game performance on your phone. Update games fixes old bugs within the game and helps the overall performance and play of the game. As with updating the software on your Android device, check online to make sure the updates doesn't have any bugs before proceeding.

Turn of animations
Animations are a part of creating a better overall user experience on Android devices. You can see them when opening and closing apps, clicking on icons, as well as many more. These animations look lovely however, they also slow down your phone. Turning off animations can make help your games run more smoothly and faster.

Overclocking Android
This one of the best ways to boost the performance of your games, however it does come with a high risk of bricking your phone if you don't do it correctly, so if you're not sure of what you are doing then it this option might not be a good idea.

Overclocking your Android involves increasing your phone's cpu frequency than what is recommended by the manufacturer. It ensures a faster and vastly improved gaming experience. In order to overclock your Android, you need to root it first. If you don't know how to do this, then we do not recommend using this method, as you run the risk of breaking your phone. Even if you do manage to overclock your phone successfully, it will decrease your battery life by 15-20%.. These are the best ways to improve your gaming experience on your Android device. 

George J. Newton is a writer and editor at Write my research paper and Thesis writing service. He also blogs at Do my coursework service.

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