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What is an SSL Certificate? Is that important for a website?

What is an SSL Certificate? - The term SSL or TLS may sound familiar to your ears, and with good reason! Whether you are used to computer systems or not, you are unwittingly using secure connections to access your favorite websites. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are security protocols for the exchange of information over the Internet. The most common implementation of these protocols can be seen with the term "HTTPS" which appears in front of secure website addresses. This protocol is signed by a certificate demonstrating that communication is established with an authentic server 

What is an SSL Certificate? Is that important for a website?

Registration of a Certificate
For an SSL certificate to be valid, it must be signed by a certification authority. This authority verifies the information provided in the certificate and "Signs" it. Once the certificate has been signed and it has been installed on the web page to be secured, the internet browser can access it in HTTPS without errors. There are several types of SSL certificate. The basic one is used to secure a single server. Very useful for companies or individuals wishing to protect a single web page. The certificate named "Wildcard" is used to secure several subdomains (for example: * More expensive, it is very useful when several systems united under the same domain name are to be secured. Depending on the chosen certification authority, the "Wildcard" can extend to more than one subdomain (for example: *.*, and more).

The Certification Authority
As mentioned above, the role of the certification authority is to confirm that the certificate installed on a server is valid. Becoming a private CA is pretty straightforward. You just need to install the necessary systems to sign your own certificates. However, this will not allow the public to be able to verify the authenticity of the certificates. To do this, it is necessary to become registered in the registers of the main internet browsers. These registers are managed directly by the owners of the various browsers. (Chromium, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ...)

Recognize the Presence of an SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate? Is that important for a website?

It is very easy to know whether you are accessing https a web page using an SSL certificate or not. The signs are in the browser address bar just before the website address. There is a small green padlock symbol and the word HTTPS in front of the address of the accessed site.

important for a website?
httpsx A website accessed over HTTPS that does not have a valid certificate will display a red X on the padlock. The browser will also display a message stating that the certificate presented by the website is not valid and will ask whether it should be accessed anyway or not.

By clicking on the padlock, it is possible to consult the information supplied by the server to your browser. A window as follows opens containing the name of the certification authority, the validity period of the certificate as well as several information about the owner of the certificate. The series of numbers with dots represents the type of certificate.

Usefulness of an SSL Certificate
The exchange of confidential data such as identification on a website, registration of purchases, access to your bank account, consult social networks, the majority of these systems use an SSL certificate to certify authenticity the HTTPS connection established with the host server of the accessed website. HTTPS doesn't just mean that an SSL certificate is used. Indeed, the communication network port used is not the same as for standard HTTP. In addition, HTTPS uses an encrypted connection to ensure that the data exchanged is protected from any viruses or spyware. No one would want to give out their bank account password on a random website, which is why the certificate is there to verify that communication is with the correct server.

In summary, a registered and valid SSL certificate is only used to let users who want to access a website know that it is indeed a trusted site. Fonally you have learned what is SSL Certificate for websites.

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