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Online Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Mom

Do you want to devote yourself to your family and work from home? It is possible to have a job as a housewife if you do not want to go back to the office for a salaried job. Creating your online business even as a stay-at-home mom is a totally possible possibility. Besides, if you do it right, this business can earn you more than your old salary. At worst, it will be sufficient additional income to successfully combine your family life and your professional ambitions. Here are home mom online business ideas that may work for you.

Offer your services on platforms
On Upwork, Coder, etc., you create your profile and you offer your services. You respond to offers by making proposals. The client chooses the proposal that suits him best. You have to apply without a guarantee to get the contract, so it is very time consuming. In addition, the prices are low.

Get assessed before You can Access the Controls
Like Textbroker, you create your profile and submit your evaluation text according to the required brief. In a week, they rate you from 1 to 5 stars. 5 stars for registered professionals. So you can write without being registered. Not bad for training! After the feedback, you have access to all orders, just choose and write according to the customer brief within the allotted time. When the customer receives the text and accepts it, the amount is credited to your profile. You can request the transfer from $30 of earnings. It is then done within 24 hours. The prices are also low at the beginning but for training it is ideal. The more you write, the more you get noticed and the more well-paying direct orders flow. 

Online Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Mom

Prospect for Yourself
Digital strategy agencies, sites with poor content or even local businesses, if you feel that you can bring something positive to the site to better position it then, offer your services. Pitch them as the Anglo-Saxons say.

Most site owners can't afford to hire a good full-time web editor, but sites need content to exist.

Your turn !
Professional Blogger
Are you passionate about a subject, do you have specific skills in a field?

Perfect for a mom's business at home!

The difference with the Personal Blog
Before creating the famous pro blog, think about what product you can create and sell on your blog. Then, you create your blog according to this product by delivering advice and helping your audience always according to the theme and the final product to sell. You create articles that take the reader step by step towards the act of buying the product you have created.

Even if you don't sell this product at the start because, you have to create an audience, you have to already have it in mind when creating the blog.

When I say products, I mean online training, e-books, digital product, etc.

This is what differentiates the professional blog from the personal blog.

The Business Blog
To help you start blogging off on the right foot, We invite you to read this article on the 5 things to do before blogging.

There are many ways to monetize a blog, in a next post I will clearly explain how you can monetize your blog with costed examples.

But, if you want to get into advertising or affiliate linking, you're going to have to work even harder. Indeed, to succeed in making a few dollars, the number of visits to your blog will have to reach peaks with several tens of thousands of visits.

Also I am not talking about blogs that make money only through brand partnerships or affiliate membership. Becoming an influencer requires having a large community. But, when the brand turns its back on you because it has found a blogger with a blog that works even better than yours, what will you have left? I leave you on this reflection.

We spoke earlier about web editors. They are often freelancers (including micro-entrepreneurs for the most part).

But these are not the only ones. You can sell a wide range of skills directly related to the web on the net.

There are web designers, web developers, photographers, graphic designers, SEO consultants, community managers, etc. The list is not complete but it represents the main web professions that can be found in freelance.

To get there, in addition to your skills, you create a site where you offer your services with a blog to show your audience how you can help them. Then you promote it to make yourself known and find clients. Platforms like Upwork are full of freelancers, but again, you have to hard work to get a contract.

Independent or Virtual Assistant
Because the self-employed, freelancers, VSEs and SMEs need administrative support and support for their online activities. They are deeply bored with the secretariat and often they do not know much about computers. Upload news, news, schedule social networks, etc. are activities that take time. And time, they need it for their customers.

Even though it is an already well-developed profession, it is nonetheless very attractive because it does not require a lot of upfront investment and allows clients to take little risk.

Creator of her own Products or an E-commerce
Photos, clothes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, but also themes, templates, graphics, fonts, illustrations,… the list goes on.

Are you creative with your hands or with a keyboard and mouse?

With a site, an e-shop and an Etsy, Shopify or Creative Market profile, you can sell your creations.

With good promotion, good customer feedback and testimonials on online sales sites, you quickly win a few customers.

I add pure e-commerce sites here. An e-commerce site that sells hundreds of items on a theme (eg home decor) has now become easy to use. If the items sold are not your own creations then you have the choice of buying stock from wholesalers or selling by drop-shipping.

In the first case, you need money for the initial investment and room to store. On the other hand, other than managing your site and transmitting orders to the drop-shipping partner, you don't advance money, don't stock, don't take care of deliveries or packaging. On the other hand, you earn a much leaner margin, between 15 and 20%. This is the price to pay for doing as little as possible.

Professional, Personal, Sports Coach
It’s the buzzword right now. There is something for every taste.

Certified or not, coaches provide their clients with support and a roadmap to help them achieve their goals.

Although certification is a guarantee of professionalism, there are so many with different approaches, much like psychology, that it is difficult to navigate.

Unless you know about all of these trends, I still believe that a good coach knows how to help potential clients already thanks to the advice in the articles on his blog. It must also be accessible. Coaching by email, even if the person is certified, seems inefficient to me, especially if you have to pay.

On the other hand, if you know how to be available by responding to emails with free tips and advice that work, that's a positive first step towards your customer. Offer, as I do to my subscribers in my newsletter, a free 30-minute session to chat live by phone or Skype. Take the time to know and understand your clients to offer them unique support. For this, no need for certification but skills and pedagogy.

MLM Business
MLM, Multi Level Marketing. This is the last choice I suggest to you today because it is the one I know the least. It is however much developed on the internet.

Vorwek, Herbalife, Tupperware, you know? These are companies whose business model is MLM.

The goal is to develop a network that works for you and so on.

Often compared to the pyramid model which is illegal, MLM is legal because you sell real products.

Scam or real opportunity to make money, the debate rages on.

However, one thing is certain, a relatively large investment in time and money at the outset is necessary, with no guarantee of return on investment.

So while investing is clearly part of the entrepreneurial game, a computer or software will still find some use even if the business does not take off.

But many people make a living from it and have the right talk to sell on their site, their videos or in meetings. To each his own talents!

Well, these online Business idea for Stay at Home Moms
I have just offered you here, a non-exhaustive list of online business ideas for stay at home moms. These businesses adapt pretty well to your constraints as a mom at home. I have deliberately ruled out wellness businesses, such as a home beautician because, even though she has a site, it is not an online business. This job requires you to be away from home and your online presence doesn't sell anything.

The online business ideas for stay at home moms that get behind the computer are broadly summarized here. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you the most.

Of course, if you have any other suggestions, please let me know further down in the comments.

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