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5 Best Emulator Games For Android

Old or retro game consoles ranging from SNES to PlayStation, there are so many cool and iconic games, some of which even become the standard game of today. With emulator gamesfor android, gamers can play retro games whenever gamers want as long as there is Android. It's time to give the best game console emulator recommendations for Android. Emulator? Yes, it should be noted that sometimes the emulator will run smoothly play old school games, sometimes not.

See the 5 Best Emulator Games for Android Below

If this is your first time using the emulator game, here are 5 best emulator games for android that you should try. Do you really like the old games? You probably miss to play the retro or old game at your time before. You just simply download the emulator below. You may get confusion when it is started. Not to worry, you just simply follow the instruction after opening the aplikasi.

1. My Boy! – GBA Emulator
Among these are support cable connections (via WiFi or Bluetooth), Fast Forward and Slow Down modes, codes for cheat inserts, and support of controller devices. Another sophisticated feature lies in OpenGL, BIOS that makes the user no longer need to enter the BIOS file. Emulator is available in two versions, which is free and paid.

2. John SNES
John SNES became one of the emulators for SNES that get a positive response from its users. In addition to having high compatibility, this application also allows all the SNES games to run properly. Almost never found games that do not run entirely on this emulator. It is supported with features for game pads (on-screen, wireless, wired, and Bluetooth), cheat codes, fast-forward, slow motion modes, and other features.

3. MegaN64 (N64 Emulator)
The N64 emulator application is quite popular. Developed by Mupen64, this app has a great performance to run some N64 games. Initially this application has an issue of compatibility level. After that, they try to improve it for the better. They have updated their app last in 2014, so do not know if this stops being updated or is provided for free.

4. ePSXe for Android
Not only famous on PC, ePSXe also expand its existence to Android. ePSXe is known as one of the most famous and best PSX emulators. In addition to operating in a stable and easy to use, this application also supports split-screen mode, save and load state. You can also add a controller device to play PSX games with this emulator. ePSXe for Android can only be found on the Google Play Store for a fee of US $ 3.75.

5. FPse for Android
FPse is one of the best PlayStation 1 emulators for Android. Have many features, including excellent performance and compatibility that support almost all PlayStation 1 games. Support cheat codes as well, overlay control themes, support game controllers, support almost all file formats, and OpenGL plugins that can improve game graphics for better. Powerful, it works, can even multiplayer as well.

Well, there are still many emulator games which you might not know yet. However, those 5 best emulator games for android are very recommended for you. You may also try to use  John GBC (GBC Emulator). John GBC is one of the best Game Boy Color emulators on Android. Performance steady, high compatibility. It is very customizable for some other features. It contains overlay controller and support zip file.You know what? It also features fast forward and slow motion mode. You can even play this game offline. So, now you can start your game advanture. Let you falshback to your old time by playing your old favorite games. Please note that you need to download the emulator game firstly before go through playing your most retro game that you have missed. Go! Go playing!