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Best Battle Royale Game You Should Play in 2019

The modern technology that always upgrading result something new for the satisfying costumer or user. Technology can be appeared on the entertainment that in this case aim to entertain the users. Game becomes one of fun entertainment for everyone in any ages. Battle Royale game is one if the favorite game genres that can be played by the teens. They can be entertained by playing this game because of the battle which is challenging.

1. GTA Online
Game Battle Royale
The first battle game that is popular is GTA online or now may call Motor Wars. Like others game with similar genres, GTA uses shrinking of kill box, arrived from the blue sky and in the right weapons. This game has the key that insist you as a player to focus on the vehicle combat of cars that marked in the map. While the box of shrinking kill provides the tension and the building idea that has view on the map you have to play. Even this is the battle game, but you can enjoy and got fun from playing this game.

2. Fortnite
war game
Second games you should play is Fortnite that highlight the epic of newest building romp based. As the information, there are more than 100 players who have play this game during the new release in the public. The mode of Fortnite brings together by the team of Epic's Unreal Tournament who will busy on experimenting during the development. The building and scavenging have been designed in this game of the regular mode for you to create the base of defenses until the other else die. The defense while you wait the others die may also done so you do.

3. Unturned
Unturned Good Game
The third game is unturned which is blocky and the zombie genres free to play but also the battle royale mode of the arena. The players should produce at the random point that show on the map. Furthermore, the players should also hunt down each other when the barrier closes then damaging those at the outside of it. This game played like another battle royale game, but there is a tricky point you may know to win this game. The tricky is that you cannot damage by using your fists but you should reach the weapon as fast as you can to bring the winner.

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale
Battle Royale Game
The fourth game is PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale or usually namely PUBG that inspired from the Japanese movie. The game play when the players start to leave the DayZ to keep up the Early Access Version that gamers really want to try it. Then, Greene turn to develop battle royale into Arma 3 and suddenly it licensed for H1Z1 o Daybreak which become the foundation for King Kill. Many Battleground’s features inspired from PUBG and Arma 3’s that is realistic and aesthetic really brought by these. Read Also: 5 Best Emulator Games For Android

5. Rust: Battle Royale
Battle Royale for PC
The last battle royale is the Rust: Battle Royale which is unofficial Facepunch Studio and made from Intoxicated Gaming. This game is inspired from Arma 3 but combine with brutal mode and as the final of the game will let the race to alive. Like the others battle game, Rust allows you to defense yourself among the others and make a war or defense mechanism while playing this game. The survivals who have alive and the crafting elements are torn out and to focus on gearing and murdering the other players that show on the map. The map will turn to smaller then the bombs start to fall.

The five battle royale game above are the best and popular game that will fun you. For you who love battle mode while playing the game besides reach the fun intension with difficult and tricky strategy.