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How to Listen to Sound Without Video on Youtube and Others!

Although video formats are popular on the web, they are not always downloadable. Likewise, sometimes there is a real need to convert video to audio. On YouTube in particular, videos cannot be downloaded directly. Today, some platforms allow recording of video resources available on streaming sites in audio formats.

In reality, these platforms are converters that allow you to change the formats of videos to download audio files. In practice, you can download the audio version of any video being streamed on YouTube. Discover a wide choice of MP4 converters to listen to sound without video on Youtube!

Listen to Sound Without Video

Why convert YouTube video to MP4?

There can be many reasons that you need to convert YouTube video to sound without keeping the images. You can get the sound in MP4 format for various uses.

MP4 converter
You don't always have the time to stream an entire video. If you can do without the image, simply convert the video to audio.

You can download the sound and listen to it at will later. This operation is possible on a smartphone, tablet or even a computer connected to the Internet.

You can also save the file to an SD card or other storage to listen to the audio in your car.

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 saves time. It also allows you to listen to audio content while performing other tasks. Without an internet connection, you cannot access YouTube content without prior downloads. If you are not often logged in, you can convert videos to MP4 to extract sound and continue to enjoy it.

So, you can listen to various music on your smartphone or on your computer, even without connection. In addition, YouTube content generally consumes a greater amount of data. This is not very beneficial, especially with limited mobile data. Converting YouTube videos to MP4 also helps reduce data consumption.

Besides, MP4 file format is compatible with all devices. Also, audio files in this format are lighter. You can easily save them to any device and to any storage space.

YouTube converter 4k video downloader
4k video downloader converter is a video download utility available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It allows you to download free videos, playlists, channels and subtitles. What makes this converter one of the most popular is its availability for many streaming platforms (YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, etc.), social networks (Facebook), and cloud gaming platforms (Twitch , YouTube Gaming). In fact, it is a converter available on all popular video download sites.

4k video downloader offers to convert files in several formats, but also in different definitions (high normal or low resolution). It allows you to take audio from a video or playlist and convert it to a quality MP3 or MP4 file. To use it, you just have to copy and paste the URL of the video and choose the file format and destination. Then you have to click on "Download". However, with this converter, downloads are limited to 30 videos per day in free mode.

WinX YouTube Downloader
WinX Downloader allows you to download any multimedia content. Whether it's a movie, playlist, or TV show, WinX can convert video content to MP4, MP3, FLV, or WebM. It converts on more than 300 well-known streaming platforms such as: YouTube, Vevo, MTV, Vimeo, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

With its many features, it automatically detects the URL of the video itself. Also, it analyzes the resolution, the format and the size in order to offer all the output options on a list. It acts as a downloader and resizer to allow saving, converting, resizing or cutting videos. You can use it to extract sound from video and save it as audio.

YouTube MP3 converter YTMP3
Simple and very practical, YTMP3 can safely convert and download YouTube videos to mp3 and mp4 formats. It can be used on computer and other mobile devices.

There are two main accesses to this converter: the free version and the paid version. The free online version offers more convenience. It does not require any third party software and no registration. The paid version allows you to use all the features of the application for a fairly low monthly payment.

YouTube MP3 converter YTMP3 can download thousands of videos and convert them for later watching. It is very easy to use and it gives the possibility to choose the format and the resolution of its file. To record the audio version of a video, all you have to do is choose the mp3 option.

The YTMP3 converter has a fast download function. The latter is ideal for downloading videos as long as they are no longer than 2 hours.

FLVTO converter
FLVTO converter is an ideal tool to download YouTube videos after converting them to mp3 or mp4. It has the advantage of being efficient, free and usable on all systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). Likewise, this converter is accessible on computer and other mobile devices. It supports most video streaming and hosting platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

FLTVO is very easy to use with its fairly intuitive and understandable interface. Recording videos is very easy with FLTVO. It allows you to choose the desired format. For example, to record music only, you only have to choose the MP4 format.

The FLTVO converter guarantees easy, fast and secure downloading to provide a good listening experience.

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