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How to Play Powerball Games Review

Many people love to play a game to entertain them or discover the others interest. Some games have been designed for the player to win as the competition of the games or winning through jackpot. It is also occurred on Powerball games which is very popular around the games lover. Through the way of how to play Powerball, you can try to win the jackpot and obtain some money from this game. This is really interesting game that you can play your favorite game and gain some money at once.

Powerball Power Play
Power play is one of features in the PB that permit the players to multiply non jackpot prizes for $1 per play or more of it. This allows you to win $2 million by matching your five white balls multiply others non-jackpot prizes during two or three times. It occurred when the advertised of jackpot in the over $150 million. Furthermore, when the advertised reach jackpot on $150 million or less than it, your white balls is reach in ten times. The power play that chose by player is to inform the retailer that they look forward to buy the power play ticket.

How to Play Powerball

How to play Powerball
After you understand he features of PB, so the next is how to play the games? The first thing you should do is pick up the PB play slip at the authorized retailer of Florida lottery. You will get the playslip that contained five panels, they are A until E and permit you to until five plays then one play is for one panel. The first panel you should do is selecting five numbers from number one to 69 at the upper area of game. Or you can mark the Quick Pick (QP) box which allows the terminal pick the number randomly.

Then second panel, you can opt number 1 to 26 in the lower area of game or mark the QP box of the terminal to select the PB number randomly. Next, you can use power play feature which can apply into all panels and also in the QP of play slip. When you will play in the same number for more than once draw, you can pick the number of draw that you want in the Advanced Play option. The alternative, you can ask the retailer about the number of draws you will play. You can mark the QP ticket that is available in Jackpot Combo box for $2, Florida Lotto for $2 and Mega Million for $1.

The next step how to play Powerball, you should choose one, you can give the completed play slip and your payment to retailer whether $2 or $3 for each play. Then, you will receive the printed ticket with the exact number, the draw date and the indication of Power Play of Powerball ticket is in your hand. After that, you may check in the official website to see the result of the drawing winner. Besides that, you can check in the authorized retailer of Florida Lottery, at (850) 921-PLAY (7529), or watch the draw online. PB drawing is occurred on Saturday and Wednesday nights at 10:59 pm.

Make sure that your ticket that you buy is before the time of drawing. If you buy the ticket after the time, it will be drawn in the next drawing time. The claiming system for winning of the drawing should be claimed during 180 days from the applicable drawing date. Furthermore, you can only claim the prize in the states where you buy.

The description about how to play Powerball game is really interesting for you who love lottery system. Therefore, you can pick the lucky number and win the drawing for obtain the fantastic prizes. Try this game and sounds loud that you can win the play among the others PB players.

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