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Top 10 Game Websites That Must be Played

Top 10 game websites – It is not difficult to guess from the name that the subject of these sites is dedicated to video games. Using the Alexa Global Traffic Rank indicator, which generates a global traffic rating based on visits and page views on sites. This indicator gives the place index both in the global, global ranking of all sites, and the index of popularity of the site in the territory of a particular country. Below are the lists of 10 popular free game wesbites for you as the references to spend your free time.

10 Game Websites Most Popular

You can always rely on competitive multiplayer-based games without the end of the story for you. This concept still carries the quality of visualization. It is a simple gameplay. You need to act as a kind of jelly-shaped circle with one main goal - grow big. The arena is also filled with other gamers who try to do the same.

2. Civ Clicker
Complex gameplay from multiple layers makes this game will continue to require you to keep clicking "Next Turn" up to 5 hours ahead without you even knowing it. Civilization is already penetrated the web browser market as a flash game with a simpler visual, but not able to offer the same attraction.

3. Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker spins on this cake production process. For every single mouse click, you will produce 1 cake. There are a variety of upgrades and other technologies that you can adapt when reaching a certain amount of cookies faster.

4. A Dark Room
The story of playing this game is built from a narration on the left that simply asks you to light the first bonfire to warm the body. When the fire is alive and you begin to dare to "explore" the forests that are all told through the text.

5. The Archive
The Archive itself is not the name of a particular specific game, but a site that allows you to play over 2,500 classic games from MS-DOS era from start to finish without requiring huge data. The Archive is a time machine that not only helps you spend time in the fasting month, but also understands a bit of background and history that makes many of us fall in love.

6. Canabalt
This browser game is also available for a variety of other platforms. There is no an end as this game just requires you to run from left to right as far as you can. Of course, this process will not be easy because of the many challenges you have to face. Determining the timing and not just trying to make it fast dynamic.

7. Pandemic 2
This game will require you to act as a new disease variant with a simple task. It is to destroy all life forms in the world. It all starts from a small point that appears randomly on the world map. Through periodic evolutionary points, you can make your disease more effective to the effects it causes.

8. Bloons TowerDefense 5
You can put the monkey troops with a variety of skills in the line of lines that have been determined. You have to prevent the balloons that appear together and many can escape to the end of the path. Keep upgrading and think about the strategic position of the right army and weapons forces.

9. Frog Fractions
It feels like a super simple flash game that seems to be very familiar to gamers who often spend time with web browser games. But you only have to last about 15 minutes to understand, that this will be one of the craziest and strangest games you've ever tasted. Imagine a toad tests his skills on the dance floor.

10. Rebuild 2
You will act as a survivor group struggling to get their "normal" life back. It is simply by taking back over the buildings around which the zombies take control. Collect as many survivors as possible. Make each survivor more resilient against the various threats. Also, protect itself against dangerous Horde attacks. 10 game websites

Have fun!

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